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Berg - Make mess into Art

Right. Somewhere right now in most of your houses there is a pile of clothes that needs either washing or folding up and putting away.

The difficulty is that doing that requires effort, and nobody likes effort. Instead, however one could get hold of an ingenious structure called ‘Berg’. Berg is a piece of furniture which is designed to allow the user to create a sculptural piece of art using the clothes that often end up on the floor. Comprising of 9 rows of mountain (or iceberg) inspired metal, the apparatus allows the user to pile up garments making them a little more pleasing to the eye than normal, and allowing art to be created from a habit which would otherwise be considered messy or untidy.

The Berg has taken inspiration from studies of the habitual activities of Average Joe and Average Jane (so to speak) when they get home from work, and subsequently peel off unnecessary layers allowing themselves to get a little more comfortable, and from this most common messy activity designer Arash Eskafi has designed the ideal solution.

It’s better than an overspilling wash basket if you ask us…!



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