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Best Beer Bottle Labels

We love our beer here at Average Joes and suitably go through our fair share of the stuff. But even for us connoisseurs, choosing a new beer to try can be a stressful process given the wide range of brews on offer.

Which is why we love beer bottle labels and will usually make a purchase if we see a good one. It’s not rocket science but it’s a formula that’s worked out pretty well for us! With that in mind, here’s the best beer bottle labels around that also pack in some top notch nectar.



Manchester based Cloudwater have made some serious waves in their short existence with an ethos that’s encapsulated by the stunning artwork on their bottles. Believing in the seasonality of their ingredients, Cloudwater Brewery doesn’t have a core range and only makes beer that’s in essence all limited edition. Using the best of both traditional and cutting edge techniques, Cloudwater make a range of beers including IPAs, a Cream Ale and the beautiful US Hopfen Weisse.


Yoho Brewing Company

While we love our beer from the bottle, there are tons of unique artworks going on cans these days. One in particular that we love is Japan’s Yoho Brewing Company. The American and British style beers are canned with distinctive and vibrant designs that really make this beer stand out from the crowd.



Beavertown are one of London’s finest new brewers. Named after the old Cockney name given to the historic DeBeauvoir area of London which was famed in the Victorian era for its rich characters and revelry, Beavertown are based in Tottenham Hale. With artwork including day of the dead skeletons, laser beams, aliens, spaceships, big bangs, atomic booms and a fair few monsters, you certainly won’t be missing this beer on the shelf!


Sakiškių alus

Sakiškių alus is a microbrewery run by a couple of home brewers in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius. Their beer relies on big and bold flavours and is always unfiltered and unpasteurised. They also take an unusual approach to labelling their bottles – they rubber stamp each bottle individually onto a hand-made paper label giving the beer a true original craft feel.


Cervecería Sagrada

Cervecería Sagrada is one of Mexico’s finest craft beers. In-keeping with the country’s colourful spirit and history, the labels on Cervecería Sagrada were inspired rather awesomely by Lucha Libre wrestlers. José Guízar designed these labels and recreated the masks of some of the most famous and recognisable Mexican wrestlers from the 50s.


Kiuchi Brewery

Kiuchi’s Brewery began its life way back in 1823. Originally the Japanese brewers made sake and only brewed their first beer in 1996. Take it from us, the Kiuchi Hitachino Nest series is some of the best beer we’ve ever tasted. The labels don’t let the immaculate beer down either with the distinctive red owl featuring on every label.


Evil Twin

Denmark’s finest Evil Twin Brewing produce some of the best named and most creative bottles/cans on our list. Design at Evil Twin is divided up completely between its two co-founders, Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø and Martin Justesen. Jeppe is responsible for the names and Martin designs all the labels. Their extensive range of beers include Sour Bikini, Ryan and the Gosling and, our favourite, Hipster Ale.


Huyghe Delerium Tremens

One of the more readily available beers on our list, you might know Delerium Tremens from Huyghe brewers as the one in the Blue bottle with the Pink elephant. While you might know the beer, you might not know Delerium tremens’ origins. The name actually refers to the shakes that alcoholics get when suffering from withdrawal symptoms, which are sometimes accompanied by visions like pink elephants. Not the most PC of name then but an undoubtedly iconic bottle, label and beer.


21st Amendment Brewery

The final beer on our list and one of the most creative designs in the world is 21st Amendment Brewery. Founded in 2000, the San Francisco-based beer makers use cans – and only cans – to serve their brews. They produce several year-round beers such as Brew Free! Or Die IPA, and Back in Black black IPA, as well as seasonal beers like Hell or High Watermelon wheat and Fireside Chat winter spiced ale. The artwork is cartoon-inspired and sits perfectly with the creative brewery.



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