Jerry Springer is a man of many talents. Not only was he once the Mayor of Cincinnati having been elected to serve one year as mayor by the City Council in 1977, he also produced the most outrageous TV show in history with the Jerry Springer Show.

Best Ever Episodes of the Jerry Springer Show

Now we’re not saying we agree with the show’s almost bearbaiting techniques and some of its more un-PC themes, but it’s hard to argue it’s not ridiculously entertaining. So to celebrate Jerry’s 74th birthday, we’re throwing you some Jerry beads by giving a run-down of some of the all-time greatest Jerry Springer Show episodes.

Mister Ooh-La-La

First up is an absolute Springer classic. It features a flamboyant Frenchman who legally changed his name to Mr Ooh La La. Naturally two women are vying for his affections and Mr Ooh must choose. Though, as he says, why should he have to? “Jesus had his groupies, so do I.”

“I Married a Horse!”

No subject is out of bounds on the Jerry Springer Show and on one of his more controversial episodes, we get to see that no-holds-barred approach to broadcasting as Jerry talks to a man who lives with his pet horse. Not only that, he’s wedded the four-legged friend. The man argues that he should be allowed to do anything that makes him happy, and while that’s usually the case, bestiality is where we most of us draw the line.


Adult Babies

Back in the late 1998, Jerry ‘interviewed’ a set of adult males who lived their lives as babies. Jerry starts off trying to ask the hard questions, such as, “What’s enjoyable about wearing a diaper?” But when one of the men needs his nappy changing because of a wet diaper, Jerry realises he’s losing a battle he’ll never win. And we’re with him.

The Kung Fu Hillbilly

Jerry Springer Show is nothing without its characters. And very few are as memorable as David, a self-confessed hillbilly who, as well as being extremely hard to understand, has learned Kung Fu by watching action films on his VCR. When it comes time to defend himself from his roommate, ‘Lil Wayne, David’s roundhouse amazingly doesn’t prove as effective as we thought it would.

“I’m Happy I Cut Off My Legs!”

When Jerry starts the segment by saying, “This may be the most bizarre story we’ve done in our 15-year history”, you know you’re in for something truly bizarre. The aforementioned story involves a transsexual (obviously) named Sandra, who took a chainsaw and chopped off both her legs. Yeah, that bizarre. Sandra said she hadn’t wanted her legs since the age of 14 and finally took the decision to just get rid…

“You Slept with My Stripper Sister”

Our final episode is currently the most popular video on Jerry’s YouTube channel. While there’s nothing extra special about it, it is quintessential Springer; betrayal, stripers, family and fighting – all of the good stuff!



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