2013 is well underway, it may still feel like December, but we are assured it’s March. 2013 came with a cavalcade of movie potential. We have already seen the likes of Gangstar Squad, Django Unchained and of course Bruce Willis returning to our big screens in A Good Day to Die Hard. But we still have a long way to go.

Best Films to watch in 2013

Coming up this year we have some blockbusters, some slick looking sequels, tricky adaptations and some grandiose big screen projects that will have either meteoric success or John Carter-esque failure. For me, what really stands out in 2013 is the overwhelming amount of science fiction movies scheduled for release, and these are perhaps the most exciting of the bunch! But, in no particular order, here is what we think you should look out for in the cinemas for the rest of this year.

A Glimpse Inside The Mind of Charles Swan III

A cast featuring Bill Murray and Charlie Sheen bring to life a script penned and directed by Roman Coppola, detailing the spiraling life of a fancy pants designer who doesn’t know if he’s coming or going after breaking up with his girlfriend. Intriguing to say the least!

Man of Steel

Will it be the reimagining the Superman franchise deserves, similar to Nolan’s Batman Begins, or will it be another festering pile of sewage like Superman Returns? Either way, it will almost definitely be a hit as the cape and tights have a cinematic pull like no other. Looking rough around the edges, this isn’t a going to be a smooth, child friendly ride. Henry Cavill is our Superman, sickly sweet Amy Adams as Lois Lane and Michael Shannon has the immeasurable task of outdoing Terence Stamp as General Zod.

Thor: The Dark World

After the Avengers we have yet another Marvel movie outing for Thor. This definitely comes off the back of the superhero team up, and most likely helps pave the way for that sequel, especially given how absolutely god awful the first was. The main cast return as Thor must protect all the 9 realms from some big bad force of evil. Only a superb script can save what may be yet another poor showing, that and maybe the wonderful malevolence in Tom Hiddleston’s performance as Loki.


Presumably looking to forget Wolverine Origins, Hugh Jackman spikes up his hair and dons his leather jacket again as the bad ass mutant. Working from Frank Miller source material, this has a better shot at being a good movie than any of the mutant predecessors.

Iron Man 3

Based on the Extremis story arc, this will be an invigoration for the man in the metal suit if it follows the page closely enough. The early trailer already looks good and Iron Man is possibly the most successful of the Marvel Universe when it comes to the big screen, so with all the effort going in to this, it’ll be a huge summer hit for sure, and we can’t wait!

Pacific Rim

The premise is absurd, giant monsters battling humans in giant robots for the future of humanity. Really, this is more a Western attempt to recapture the Godzilla franchise (one must forget Broderick’s shot at it) with a bucket load of special effects and a flimsy script. Still, it’ll probably just about do OK simply for the fact it has robots, monsters and Guillermo Del Toro at the helm.

Kick Ass 2

The first Kick Ass was a breath of fresh air into the comic book  movie schlock that had been dominating the screens, and closely followed its source material in an engaging and amusing way. The sequel, if it follows the comic, will be unbelievably graphically violent, disgusting so at times, utterly shocking in fact. Red Mist returns with a gang of miscreants “super villains” to bring revenge against our rather immature kid that is Kick Ass. The final scenes are going to be bloody epic so don’t leave early!

Old Boy

A Hollywood adaption of a South Korean original (itself a Manga adaption) in which we follow a chap who is imprisoned in an odd room for 15 years without explanation or meeting his captor. Upon release he is embroiled in a web of violence, lies and conspiracy as he attempts to uncover the truth. This is all about revenge and the twist at the end will shock the pants off you. Spike Lee is the only one I’d trust to remake this as I am always dubious of Western remakes of foreign language originals.

Star Trek Into Darkness

JJ Abrhams first Star Trek movie was a box office smash and actually an engaging movie that brought new generations (no pun, honestly) to see the sci-fi staple for the first time. The performances were fresh, the casting somewhat inspired, and hopefully we’ll get to see some more of the witty dialogue pared with a good script in this follow-up. Its taken it’s sweet assed time, so I have high expectations.

World War Z

How could one adapt what is the best Zombie book ever written into a movie? I don’t know. Ask Brad Pitt, who actually went to war with DiCaprio’s publishing house in order to secure the rights to this! It can’t measure up to the book, as Max Brooks’ style as a writer is phenomenal and the interview-by-interview way of advancing through the Zombie apocalypse chronologically was a stroke of genius. Fortunately the man has written the screen play and it looks like an absolute blinder. Dear god those Z’s look FAST!

The Tomb

Sly Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger star in a prison break movie that also features Jim Caviezel, Vinnie Jones and 50 Cent. Meat heads galore in an attempt to make a star studded action movie that isn’t utter tripe by stealing the plot of other great movies and TV drama. Even with all this, there is something about these actors that just sucks you in, expect some cheesy dialogue and some big old dudes throwing punches!

Ender’s Game

This could be the sci-fi hit of the year. Already one of the most popular sci-fi books of the last 20 years, Orson Scott Card’s universe will be adapted to the screen, with his help of course, in a movie which shows the training of future earth’s unlikely young hero, the gifted Ender, tasked with the destruction of an entire alien race who threaten to invade. Harrison Ford and Ben Kingsley are the old stalwarts who will nail this movie down, and the young Asa Butterfield will draw all the attention.


More sci-fi! Tom Cruise is one of the last few remaining men on earth. The planet was half destroyed by a war with an alien race, the Scavs. Cruise repairs drones on the planet that harvest resources that humans living in the clouds need to survive. But all is not as it seems to be… Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko also star.

Anchorman: The Legend Continues

I’m kind of a big deal. That escalated quickly. 60% of the time, it works every time. I love lamp. Stay classy San Diego. Quotable and shamelessly hilarious, the first Anchorman burned its way into the brains of everyone that has seen it, Will Ferrell’s first and last good leading role. Hopefully the follow up will be just as crazy great, with jazz fluting, warring news teams, more Baxter and news team antics.

The Place Beyond the Pines

More Gosling in the exact same role that saw him rise to mainstream fame. This film is a multi-generational story of a stunt rider who is looking out for his baby, considering crime, and heading for a collision with Bradley Cooper’s former cop, now politician. In what looks like yet another riveting crime drama, there will be motorcycle action galore backing up the moral decision making and breaking.

An honourable mention also goes to:

– 300 sequel, which surely cannot replicate the first’s success

– Despicable Me 2, Monster’s University and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 being the best looking animated movies for 2013.

– 3D re-releases of Top Gun and Jurassic Park

– Insidious 2 and the Evil Dead remake being potentially the best horror

– This is the End and Movie 43 potential comedy hits

– The Hobbit part II, following up the brilliant first outing

There we have it, am I being too harsh? Will 2013 be the YEAR OF the film? What are you looking forward to? Let us know below.



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