While Big Ben, Trafalgar Square and the London Eye may be the more obvious destinations, for us if you’ve only a single day in London, we’d always recommend heading to one of the most famous markets in the world, Borough Market.

Best Places to Eat and Drink in Borough Market

The market was established in 1885, and it’s one of the best places to get a real feel for the city if you’re after food, drink and atmosphere. With that in mind, here are some of what we think are the absolute essential places to eat and drink in Borough Market.

Neal’s Yard Dairy

With Borough Market being London’s premier markets for food produce, and with Brits doing cheese better than anyone – including the French – there’s only one place to visit in Borough Market if you love your cheese as much as we do, and that’s Neal’s Yard Dairy. With its Victorian facade and plethora of British and Irish artisan cheeses, Neal’s Yard Dairy is a real London treasure. Cheeses come from around 40 artisan producers and tasting is encouraged. They also regularly hold cheesy events, such as seminars on the science of taste, and cheese and champagne pairings.



If you’re looking for a sit down meal, Brindisa is a must. This tapas joint is always heaving thanks to its great atmosphere and delicious sample plates. They also have a stall which serves up the most succulent chorizo rolls. Two Brindisa chorizo sausages are grilled and served in a ciabatta roll with roasted red peppers, rocket, and olive oil. This London classic has been around for years and is still going strong. Simple but absolutely delicious.


Boston Sausage

For a more traditionally British sausage, look no further than Boston Sausage. A Borough Market resident since 2007, all the classics are on the menu including Boston Chipolatas, Farmhouse Sausage, Raw and Cooked Haslets, and Sausage Rolls. Our pick would be the Tasty Lincolnshire bangers (made with free-range pork shoulder, breadcrumbs and sage), served in a white bap with caramelised onions. It’s only available on Thursdays and Fridays but the recipe has been closely guarded by the family for generations, and it’s easy to taste why!


Bread Ahead

For those of you who haven’t broken their Borough Market cherry yet, one of the most popular food stalls in the market is Bread Ahead. With an array of doughy treats available, we think their doughnuts may be our favourite in London. The stall is only around on weekends but you can smell their creations all week around with the bakery on site. Our tip would be the salted caramel crème if you’ve got a really sweet tooth. Though, a bottle of water may be required post-inhalation.



If you’ve never had or even never heard of a raclette before, we implore you to head to Kappacasein. Raclette is the name of both the amazing Swiss dish and the cheese traditionally used in it. Cheese is melted under an electric grill and then subsequently scraped over the accompaniments. We’re talking a generous helping of melted Ogleshield scrapped over a pile of tender new potatoes, baby gherkins and pickled onions. The Kappacasein toastie is also a winner, featuring a mix of Montgomery cheddar, Ogleshield and Comte cheeses and five types of onions sandwiched between toasted Poilâne sourdough bread.


Ted’s Veg

If you’re looking for some actual market produce to use at home, look no further than Ted’s Veg. Boasting an ever-changing range of seasonal, home-grown vegetables and salad from Ted’s farm near Boston in Lincolnshire, this spot is a haven if your larder needs replenishing. It also features a selection of fresh fruit and veg sourced from other high quality suppliers, with specialities including Ted’s own fantastic globe artichokes.


Monmouth Coffee Company

One of the first wave of specialist retailers to arrive at Borough Market in the late 1990s, Monmouth has quickly become one of the most popular coffee outlets in the capital. The coffee company was a pioneer in the recent renaissance of cafe culture, offering a wide variety of single origin coffee beans from farms, estates and cooperatives around the coffee-growing world, with each bean skilfully roasted in nearby Bermondsey. Drink-in or take-away.


Utobeer – The Cage

For those more partial to a boozy sort of beverage, Utobeer’s ‘The Cage’ is one of the best independent specialist beer shops in London. Having been open at Borough Market since late 1999, Utobeer was one of the first of its kind in the UK, and now offers over 700 beers from every corner of the globe.




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