The humble sandwich is one of life’s true simple pleasure. White or Brown, Cheese or Pickle, we don’t discriminate. Sandwiches have accompanied us Joes through the good times and the bad. So with that in mind, today marks the start of British Sandwich Week and we’re celebrating it by having our favourite sandwich (Cheese and Marmite (obviously)) and by also giving you the best places in Manchester to grab yourself one – not necessarily of the same variety!

The Best Sandwiches in Manchester Money Can Buy

The Milano from Rustica

Location: 1 Hilton Street, M4 1LP.

If you’re anyone who’s anyone in Manchester, chances are you’ll already know about the Northern Quarter’s most popular sandwich bar. But for those uninitiated, head down to Rustica and tuck into a Milano on Frisbee. The surroundings may not be the most inviting – Rustica is sandwiched between an adult DVD store and an earthy boozer – but the queues let you know you’re in for something special. The award winning sandwich sees chicken and bacon combined with green pesto and mayo and served on either ciabatta or a massive ‘Frisbee’-shaped granary roll made from the local Chorlton’s Barbakan bakery. Quite simply one of Manc’s finest.

Best Sandwiches in Manchester Rustica

The Cubano from Bangers & Bacon

Location: Unit 2, The Kitchens, M3 3AG.

Created sometime around the early 1900s, the Cubano is easily one of our absolute favourite sandwiches anywhere, anytime. And Bangers & Bacon’s version is one of our favourites. This beauty comes complete with juicy garlic, herbs and citrus-marinated pork shoulder, salty boiled ham, melted Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and a pickled courgette sandwiched into a toasted hotdog roll. It’s also probably the best value on our list too coming in at £5 alongside a drink and a snack.

Best Sandwiches in Manchester Bangers & Bacon

French Dip Short Rib from Hawksmoor

Location: 184 Deansgate, M3 3WB.

If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, Hawksmoor is as good a place as any to get your meat fill. And for us, the best thing on their menu is sandwich perfection. It’s called the French Dip Short Rib and it comes braised short rib and Ogleshield Jersey cow’s milk cheese, layered in a slightly sweet finger roll. But that’s not all – it’s also served with a marrow gravy to use as a dip. It may be pricier than the others on our list but it’s well worth it.

Best Sandwiches in Manchester Hawksmoor

The Cheeseburger Toastie from Home Sweet Home

Location: 49-51 Edge Street, M4 1HW.

A cheeseburger toastie. Once hearing those glorious words, it’ll be hard to understand why every sandwich shop in the country isn’t serving them. Well, Joes of Manchester can sample the stunning creation at the self-proclaimed ‘Best Little Cake Shop On The Planet’, otherwise known as Home Sweet Home. Consisting of burger chunks, onion, dill pickle, tomato, cheese and burger sauce pressed between two slices of the finest white money can buy, this one isn’t to be missed.

Best Sandwiches in Manchester Home from Home

The Reuben from Koffee Pot

Location: 84-86 Oldham Street, M4 1LE.

The Reuben is a classic among sarnie classics, and for us the best in Manchester comes from Koffee Pot. Branching out from their famed breakfasts, Koffee Pot serve their sandwiches deli-style with the Reuben containing their own house-cured salt beef, house-pickled cucumbers and homemade coleslaw. Ooft.

Best Sandwiches in Manchester Koffee Pot

Mac Attack from Northern Soul

Location: Church Street Market, Northern Quarter, M4 1PN.

And our best is saved until last. No respectable sandwich should be served without cheese. And lots of it. Which is why we implore you to head over to Northern Soul and double up on your carbs with the Mac Attack, a grilled cheese sandwich which ups the stakes by adding macaroni to its molten cheese filling. Yeah… this.

Best Sandwiches in Manchester Northern Soul

For you Joes in London, check out our favourite sandwiches in the capital!



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