Since the Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year in America, the advertising space in and around the game is considered the best advertising space money can buy, which is why companies go balls to the wall to make sure theirs stand out to you. So, with that in mind, what did we think were the best ones to air during Super Bowl 50? There were well over 50 ads to see, some great movie spots and car commercials, as well as some that were just a little bit different…

Best Super Bowl 50 Ads

Coca-Cola: Coke Mini

What’s better than an ad that crosses the hottest movies and the most popular beverage ever? Well. Maybe nothing. Check this ad out.

Death Wish Coffee

We are sneaking this ad in because we love the coffee and have been gulping it down for a few years now it seems. They won a competition to get their ad out there since they are a relatively small company still – and who doesn’t love it when the little guy crashes the party.

Hyundai First Date

Somehow this won over the US crowd really well, placing 1st in their rankings for Super Bowl Ads. Personally, we think its far too cheesy and couldn’t possibly compete with the last Kevin Hart/car related video.

Hyundai also snuck in this wonder ad feauturing the ever distractingly handsome and man of the people, Ryan Reynolds. Who hasn’t woken up in the morning wishing they were him or with him? Anyone?

Heinz Wiener Stampede

Heinz haven’t had to do much advertising in the UK as they are still the brand of choice for beans and ketchup. But we do salute their effort to reaffirm their position in the US with this randomly quirky, bizarro Super Bowl ad.

Doritos Ultrasound & Dogs

Not one, but two from Doritos. They managed to hit the double with two funny ads that captured the imagination and brought a smile to our faces.

Audi R8 Commander

It has been a traumatic start to 2016, losing some abosolutely legendary musicians, gone off to the big gig in the sky. Audi’s use of David Bowie is pleasant and reminiscent of a more glorious age and his recent departure makes it feel all the more poignant. That being said, we feel a bit used after watching it…

Budweiser Simply Put

A classic British woman giving a solid, brutal rant. Britain giving you drink drivers giving you the two fingers! It is a simple message. It is an important message. Don’t do it. You bloody twits!

From funny serious, to seriously funny. Bud flipped things on their head for one of their other Super Bowl ads – of which there were a few. Oh, Hi there Paul Rudd!

Kia Walken Closet

This last one we include simply because it takes a beautiful pun, one many people have made, and makes it a reality. Plus, we bloody love Christopher Walken.


Whilst this isn’t the most inventive ad, since it follows on the current Snickers theme of “you’re not you…”, we put this in the list because we love Willem Dafoe and this reminds us of his wonderful cross-dressing in The Boondock Saints.


So, these were our picks. What did you think of the commercials? Were there some really good ones we missed that you reckon should have made the cut?



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