All the TV Shows You Need to Watch in 2020

With Game of Thrones at an end and the likes of Stranger Things, Line of Duty and Peaky Blinders possibly on a fallow year, it seems the crown for ‘Best Show on TV’ is up for grabs in 2020. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up all the most exciting new and returning TV shows due to hit the small screen over the next year!

TV Shows Returning In 2020

Killing Eve (Season 3)

Date: June 2020
Channel: BBC One

While some of the big hitters seem to be having a year off this year, Killing Eve will be returning this summer for its third instalment. The Season Two finale was typically brutal, with Jodie Comer’s Villanelle seemingly shooting Eve dead inside a Roman ruin. Is Eve dead? We doubt it, but it will be interesting to see if Eve survives and continues her murderous streak after she axed Villanelle’s in two.


Westworld (Season 3)

Date: 16 March 2020
Channel: Sky Atlantic

The ‘WTF is going on’ genre of TV died somewhat of a death in 2019, but you’ll be pleased to know that highly-functioning, sci-fi drama Westworld is back in March and will set about the dawn of AI. Back for a third season, the new series sees the likes of Aaron Paul and Vincent Cassel join the case as Evan Rachel Wood and co enter a brave new human world…


Succession (Season 3)

Date: August 2020 (TBC)
Channel: Sky Atlantic

Another show back for its third season is the critically adored Succession. Some of TV’s most unlikeable but brilliantly written characters are back, with fans dying to see the fallout from the bombshell dropped at the end of Season Two, when wronged Kendall betrayed his father at a press conference.

Homeland (Season 8)

Date: 16 February 2020
Channel: Channel 4

CIA thriller and all-round stalwart of the small screen for the past decade, Homeland comes to its end in 2020 with an eighth and final season. Hitting Channel 4 in February, we’re praying there’s some light at the end of the tunnel for Claire Danes and her tormented agent Carrie Mathison. For the final season, her real-life husband Hugh Dancy has also joined the cast.


Better Call Saul (Season 5)

Date: 23 February 2020
Channel: Netflix

With the release of the brilliant El Camino last year, interest in Breaking Bad has undoubtedly seen a revival. So if you’re after an ABQ fix and haven’t yet seen Better Call Saul, get binging before the show returns for a fifth series. Focusing on the life of criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman before Walter Walt, the show is a real slow-burning masterpiece which, like its big brother, has you deeply invested before you can say “Pollos Hermanos”.  Season Five should see McGill turn into his alter-ego at a heartbreaking rate.


Sex Education (Season 2)

Date: 17 January 2020
Channel: Netflix

One of last year’s real surprise gems, Sex Education became a critical and commercial success for Netflix, with over 40 million viewers having streamed the first series after its debut. Starring Asa Butterfield as a socially awkward teenager and Gillian Anderson as his character’s mother and a sex therapist, the show is already back on Netflix and somehow the show has raised an already lofty bar. Watch it. Just maybe not with your nan.


Fargo (Season 4)

Date: TBC
Channel: Channel 4

After a long hiatus, FX’s off-beat anthology Fargo is returning for a standalone fourth season with its most surprising and compelling cast yet. Chris Rock headlines proceedings and is supported by the likes of Jason Schwartzman and Ben Whishaw. This season is set in 50s Kansas City, and will document a clash between two rival criminal organisations.


Curb Your Enthusiasm (Season 10)

Date: 28 January 2020
Channel: Sky Comedy

Larry David is back without with one of the true sitcom greats of its time with Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Cast as a fictionalised version of himself, David’s unscripted show is an immaculate study of modern life’s mundanity, which usually culminates in a scene of misfortune and hilarious.


New TV Shows to Watch In 2020

Star Trek: Picard

Date: 24 January 2020
Channel: Amazon Prime Video

Trekkies won’t need any reminding but if you haven’t got your ear close to the ground, Sir Patrick Stewart is reprising his most iconic role with a brand new series for Amazon. Star Trek: Picard will follow the former captain of the USS Enterprise into the next chapter of his life as Stewart co-stars with Isa Briones, Santiago Cabrera, Michelle Hurd, Alison Pill, Harry Treadaway and Evan Evagora.


The Falcon and The Winter Soldier

Date: 24 March 2020
Channel: Disney+

If you haven’t yet seen Avengers: Endgame, then probably skip this bit… but if you have, two of the MCU’s most underused heroes are teaming up for what is set to be one of Disney+’s flagship originals, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. The show see Anthony Mackie (The Falcon) and Sebastian Stan (The Winter Soldier) reprise their roles to fight Daniel Brühl’s villain, Baron Zemo.



Date: 21 February 2020
Channel: Amazon Prime Video

If Al Pacino puts his name to something, you watch – especially if it’s an original new TV show. Set for Amazon Prime Video release, Hunters will follow a band of Nazi Hunters living in 70s New York City. Known as ‘The Hunters’, they’ll target hundreds of high ranking Nazi officials living among us and conspiring to create a Fourth Reich in the U.S. YES, PLEASE.


Impeachment: American Crime Story

Date: TBC
Channel: BBC

If you’re still looking for your fill on impeachment trials this year, then look no further than the latest series of American Crime Story. Following in the footsteps of The People vs O.J. Simpson and The Assassination of Giovanni Versace, Impeachment will see Clive Owen play Bill Clinton during the Monica Lewinsky sex scandal. The series is still up in the air somewhat but when it gets the nod, Sarah Paulson will play Linda Tripp and Beanie Feldstein will portray the aforementioned Monica Lewinsky.



Date: TBC
Channel: BBC Two

Writer/director Alex Garland is one of the hottest names is sci-fi film-making having delivered 2014’s superb Ex Machina and 2018’s Annihilation. But in 2020, Garland will finally be offering his debut TV series in Devs. Reuniting with Ex-Machina’s Sonoya Mizuno, Garland’s TV show will follow young computer engineer, Lily (Mizuno) who investigates the covert work of a tech company’s development division – headed by company CEO Forest (Nick Offerman) – which she believes is behind her boyfriend’s disappearance.


High Fidelity

Date: TBC
Channel: TBC

Based on the 1995 Nick Hornby novel, which was made into a 2000 John Cusack film, High Fidelity has now been made into a TV series starring Zoë Kravitz for 2020. Like the OGs, Kravitz’s plays a character named Rob who owns a record store, breaks up with a boyfriend, and revisits her top-five previous romantic splits. As of yet, however, there’s no news of where the Hulu show be shown in the UK.


Avenue 5

Date: 22 January 2020
Channel: Sky One

The Thick of It in space? Not quite, but Armando Iannucci’s latest venture Avenue 5 follows the exploits of Hugh Laurie as Captain Ryan Clark, the fake captain of Avenue 5 spaceship as he tries to control his crew and passengers on a voyage back to Earth. The setting may be glitzier than usual for Iannucci but you can still expect the same zingers.


The Outsider

Date: 13 January 2020
Channel: Sky Atlantic

Finally, already one of the hits of 2020, Stephen King’s novel turned limited series The Outsider might appear to be like any old whodunit affair, with Little League coach, Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman), arrested by a detective (Ben Mendelsohn) for the murder of a young boy. Terry insists on his innocence despite the mounting evidence. However, The Outsider goes off in some truly unexpected directions.


What are you looking forward to most in 2020? Let us know in the comments below and also check out our Top 10 Albums of the Decade: 2010-2019!