With space becoming more and more of an issue thanks to sky-rocketing house and rental prices, us urban living Joes need to start getting creative when it comes to maximising what little capacity we do have at home.

Best Wall Desks

This can be a real issue for many of us Joes who work at home from time to time, but who also need to somehow juggle a functional living space with a dedicated work area that’s clean and uncluttered. This is even more of a real problem if, like us, you don’t want the style and design to suffer as a result.

Luckily, there’s a solution and it’s a trend that we’re seeing more and more of – the Wall Desk. In simple terms a wall desk is a working desk (whether it’s for work or domestic use) which is permanently attached to the wall rather than the floor.

Fold-Out Wall Desks

While they all look awesome regardless, most come with a fold-away option too, meaning you can really maximise your space. Here are some of our favourite fold-outs!

Ambivalenz Flapps Folding Wall Desk

Keeping things nice and simple, this Flapps Folding wall desk from Ambivalenz illustrates the point perfectly. Crafted from plywood birch, the functional desk provides a workstation, whether you’re seated or standing, and can then simply be folded away and nobody is any the wiser! £140

Wall Desks Ambivalenz Flapps

Made Esme Wall Desk

Made by a family-run manufacturer whose furniture is known for its smooth curves, we love this Esme wall desk from Made. Designed with plywood and an ash veneer, it’s perfect if you’re going for a 1960s office look. £149

Wall Desks Made Esme

SoBuy Drop-leaf Table Desk

Not only does the SoBuy Drop-leaf store away, it also offers plenty in the way of storage with up to thirteen compartments, which are all adjusted easily depending on what you need them for. The all-Black finish means it should fit into any space and it’s also an absolute bargain. £79.95

Wall Desks SoBuy Drop

Elements Fold Down

For a more classic looking wall desk, this Elementals Fold Down is ideal for a make-shift office space. Made from walnut, there’s an abundance of convenient storage with two adjustable shelves, a bill organiser and even a corkboard. £114.99

Wall Desks Elements Fold Down

Permanent Wall Desks

While we love the space saving idea for urban Joes, those with plenty of the stuff who can’t be bothered with clearing a desk every working day will love the array of permanent wall desks knocking around. Here are some of the best of them.

Margaux Keller Writing Desk

For any minimalist wood-themed home, this Margaux Keller Writing Desk is a thing of beauty. Made from solid oiled oak, the desk features plenty of storage for books and diaries with three compartment areas, each differing in size. While it does come with two legs for some added stability, it’s still attached to your wall for a truly contemporary look. £175

Wall Desks Margaux Keller Writing Desk

Etsy Wall Mounted Desk

If you’re on the look out for a computer desk, look no further than this Etsy wall mounted desk. No legs are needed so it’s perfect for a work area in a small minimalist space. There’s even room for your essentials with two drawers and one central open space. £120

wall-Wall Etsy

Minimal Float Wall Desk

For a computer desk which is a little more striking, we love this Minimal Float Wall Desk. It comes in two sizes (large or small) and mounts easily to any wall to create a multi-use desk or display shelf. Perfect as a laptop station, or just a writing desk, this Walnut-made beauty is ideal for any modern Joe. £279

Wall Desks Minimal Float

EVO Cherry Finish Vertical

If you want to do away with the all-White and go for something truly different, this Walnut Cherry vertical wall desk is as multi-functional as they come. Finished with Black metal accents, this EVO wall-mount desk comes with two adjustable shelves for books or paperwork, and even comes with an adjustable iPad holder! £339

Wall Desks EVO Cherry



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