Last year we claimed 2017 would be the year of the immersive dining experience. While we still stand by that culinary claim, immersive drinking experiences are just as popular. And one of London’s premiere providers of immersive boozing, Lollipop, have just announced a new pop-up dedicated to Alan Turing and the Enigma Code, called The Bletchley.

The Bletchley Immersive Drinking Experience

After the successfully launching London’s first naked restaurant, and ABQ, the renowned Breaking Bad-inspired cocktail bar, Lollipop has just announced a new pop-up cocktail bar inspired by Alan Turning, Sherlock Holmes and the world of cryptography, named The Bletchley.

Due to open in the spring, The Bletchley will feature a room of secrets and ciphers where patrons will operate an Enigma machine and decrypt their personality, taste, desires and odour preferences into the ingredients for a very special one-of-a-kind cocktail.

The Bletchley Immersive Drinking 3

Radio systems in the bar will used to transmit your own individual ‘code’ to the mixologist, who will then craft a truly unique and personalised drink. These recipes will never be used again, making The Bletchley the first bar to create an immersive, signature cocktail experience entirely designed and catered to the tastes, desires and personality of the patron.

“Crafting cocktails from a myriad ingredients requires mixologists who are comfortable with experimentation and who consider their work to be art. As with all of our projects, we put a lot of effort into thinking about each and every detail,” said Seb Lyall, founder of Lollipop.

The Bletchley is due to open at a secret location in central London this spring for a few months only. The bar will only accommodate 22 lucky guests at a time, so it’s no great surprise that the waiting list for tickets currently stands at around 3,500. Head over to The Bletchley Website to get on the waiting list where tickets will set you back £30.

The Bletchley Immersive Drinking 2



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