When it comes to alternative living, we’ve always been drawn to the idea of living on water. The only issue is canal boats are usually the only real viable option, and as well as lacking amenities, they don’t particularly suit gentlemen with mild cases of claustrophobia. Which is why we absolutely love the look of this floating house concept by Bluefield Houseboats, which provides the space on top of the tranquillity.

Water-Living Without Compromise: Bluefield Houseboats

Bluefield Houseboats provide floating spaces which are essentially designed by you. With system based and client focused designs, Bluefield work with their clients to refine their ideas and ambitions into a schedule of needs. The end results is the home or office space of your dreams.

Based on the south coast of Devon, Houseboats has evolved from a highly experienced team from the construction, manufacturing and marine industries. Their mission is to create high quality, useable space on the water which maximise the use of modern technology to explore sites which have previously been inaccessible.

Bluefield Houseboat 1

As houseboats and floating spaces fall between the two statutory definitions of a land-based building and a water-based vessel, all Bluefield’s designs legally fall into both classifications with all their designs complying with the latest building regulations as well as the relevant Maritime & Coastguard Agency codes of practice.

Bluefield Houseboats range in size from 500sqft to 1800sqft, across one or two stories, and with a wide range of design choices. Whether you’re looking for an office, or a home with bathrooms, kitchens and even roof terraces, Bluefield have you covered.

Bluefield Houseboat 2

They’re also packed with gadgets. As well as natural heating, each houseboat comes with a ‘SMART system’ which allows everything from appliances to thermostats to be centrally managed and controlled using your smartphone or tablet.

Bluefield Houseboats start at around the £195,000 mark depending on site, design and specification chosen by the client. Head over to the Bluefield Houseboats Website for more info.

Bluefield Houseboat 5
Bluefield Houseboat 6
Bluefield Houseboat 8
Bluefield Houseboat 3



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