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Boardmasters Spots v Stripes

Cadburys spots v stripes

The Boardmasters Festival brings together the two loves of the South West. No, not cider and farming… surfing and live music. And, last week (10-14 August) saw the 30th annual festival take place.

The Boardmasters Festival brings together the two loves of the South West. No, not cider and farming… surfing and live music. And, last week (10-14 August) saw the 30th annual festival take place.

On Newquay’s Fistral Beach, surfing talent from around the globe battled it out for huge cash prizes but, at the top of the shores, there was another competition taking place, which was pulling in massive crowds; even a couple of celebs stopped by.

Cadbury’s, the Official Treat Provider of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games, had set up its Minute to Win It festival tour and had invited us along to take part in some of the bonkers Spots v Stripes games.

The games were there to celebrate the new Cadbury Spots v Stripes; Minute To Win It television series, which is due to be shown on ITV2. The show features a series of fun challenges that need to be completed in a minute, and looking at them, I was going to be champion. Feeling confident, I pushed through the crowds of families and kids, with the Rocky theme tune playing in my head, and announced that I was ready to play.

I eyed the games up and quickly decided that these kids were going down. I was ready for the first challenge, “Slam Duck”, where contestants launch as many rubber ducks as possible in a minute into a paddling pool behind them, using just their mouths. This was going to be easy.

Stepping up to the mark I was introduced to my competition… Leon Taylor, Olympic silver-medalist for synchronised diving. Ah…

Who won is really not important; it’s the taking part that counts.

Leon Taylor - Minute to win it

The next game was “Pedal Power” where contestants lie on a mat and rapidly pedal their legs to rack up as many rotations as possible. My competition: Charlie Simpson, ex-Busted/Fightstar singer, who was due to release his solo album, Young Pilgrim, the day after the festival (Monday 15 August). The laid-back, chilled out musician suddenly turned into a competitive super-human, who had an amazing talent for pedalling on his back (presumably it’s a familiar position for Charlie). I never stood a chance; Chris Hoy might just have been in with a shout.

Charlie Simpson, Spots V Stripes

Anyway, after refuelling with several bars of Cadbury’s chocolate, I eyed up some pretty young ladies and decided to challenge them to the Crunchie “Friday Feeling” spelling game. The idea was simple; me and two hot girls were blindfolded (steady on), and large letter blocks were placed infront of us. Using our hands we had to feel the letters and spell the words FRIDAY FEELING. These bimbos probably can’t even spell, I chuckled to myself.

And, it turns out I was right. None of us came even close.

Spots v Stripes Crunchie Game

All-in-all the Cadbury games were great. We had an awesome laugh and even got the chance to win some Olympic tickets.

Once the games were over, I decided to reward myself with a pint of cider and some live music. We battled through the rain up to Watergate Beach, where up on the hill in a large field, the music festival was getting underway.

From a distance it looked a little like a gypsy fair but as we got closer it got considerably cooler. On the main stage there were bands such as the Klaxons and DJs including Fat Boy Slim entertaining the crowds and I was delighted to find a techno stage (far, far away from the grunge/rock tent), so I could throw some shapes.

The field surrounding the stages was full of carnival-like stands selling everything from sweets to monkey-hats, and the revellers, not quite compos-mentis, were happy to indulge. The crowds of drunken men and women were climbing freely onto the various fairground rides as I carefully dodged the fountains of chunder flying from their cider-filled bellies.

In contrast to the thirty-year-old man dressed in neon clothing selling homemade lemonade and a lady flogging cupcakes from a dress made out of a table (no, I wasn’t taking any drugs), there were some more serious issues being expressed. A graffiti area gave artists the chance to show their thoughts and feelings, with one interesting piece depicting the riots of the previous week. The Surfers Against Sewage guys were out spreading their good word and I was even asked to decorate a square of a surfboard that was been auctioned for charity. I of course gave a shout out to AJB!

Boardmasters surfboard

Yes, there was a pikey fair-feel to the festival and yes, it poured with rain the whole weekend, but on the other hand, the hedonistic vibe mixed with the truly British ‘keep calm and carry on’ attitude was inspiring.

All-in-all, the Boardmasters festival was fun. Up at the music festival things were a bit more messy. If you go, don’t expect a programme of events; no one knows what is going on, but then I don’t think many people know their own name by mid-afternoon. Do expect great live music, lots of crazy things to see and do and to be surrounded by some fantastic people with a great attitude to life. The surfing talent on Fistral Beach was incredible and the guys at Cadbury’s couldn’t have made it more entertaining.

The Cadbury Spots v Stripes Minute To Win challenge will be making stops at festivals across the UK including; Thames Festival 10th-11th September and Freeze Festival 28th-29th October, so make sure you stop by if you can. If you can’t, the Cadbury Spots v Stripes website ( also offers people the opportunity to play at home and register a point to be in with a chance of winning London 2012 tickets.

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