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Bombay Sapphire: A New Tradition in Design

Bombay Sapphire are very much one of the most well known gins in the world. The issue is, when you are so successful how do you keep evolving and staying at the top of your game? It’s not as though you can change the bottle after all. For Bombay Sapphire and Christmas it’s about collaborating and celebrating design with some rather cool works of art.

For those that don’t know Bombay Sapphire that well, it’s a little bit different. Whilst most gins will soak their botanical elements to achieve their flavour, Bombay achieves a crisper and more true taste by infusing the flavour with vapour.

Back to Christmas, Bombay Sapphire have teamed up with five different designers (actually x individuals) to produce some rather creative and incredible cool pieces. They are:
• Stephen Hendee: Christmas Candle
• Studio Boo: Christmas Cracker
• Richard Clarkson: Christmas Bauble
• Greyworld: Christmas Tree
• DBLG & Brooke Roberts: Christmas Sweater
• Bompas & Parr: Party Poppers

Studio Boo - Crystal Cracker

Designer: Studio Boo with the Crystal Cracker

In the Christmas version of Cinderella, Studio Boo have created this Christmas Cracker from blown glass. Inside you will find a 3D printed sprig which holds three individual glass capsules – each filled with an ingredient found in Bombay Sapphire’s Winter Pine Twist cocktail.

Bombay Sapphire x DBLG and Brooke Roberts - Christmas Jumpers

Designer: DBLG and Brooke Roberts with the Christmas Jumpers

A more modern celebratory Christmas item – the Christmas Jumper. Known for being fun and tacky, these Bomby inspired blue jumpers sit sit side-by-side to show a perfect Christmas snow scene.

Stephen Hendee - Free Form Candle

Designer: Stephen Hendee with the Free Form Candle

The traditional Christmas Candle with a modern (and perhaps safety conscious) twist – no naked flames here. Polished plastic perspex houses LED lights and gels that move around the candle shape.

Bombay Sapphire Richard Clarkson - Bauble Terrarium

Designer: Richard Clarkson with the Bauble Terrarium

A set of Christmas baubles that bring the outside in. Each bauble holds a juniper spring which is set in a mix of soil and recycled glass from Bombay Sapphire Bottles.

Bombay Sapphire x Bompas and Parr - Chandelier Party Popper

Designer: Bompas and Parr with the Chandelier Party Popper

usually creating around the culinary expereince, Bompas and Parr designed a giant ‘party popper’ which fire scented confetti into the air. New Years Eve here we come…



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