Very few directors in Hollywood command attention quite like Steven Spielberg. So we were more than intrigued to check out the first full trailer for his first picture in three years in Bridge of Spies.

Bridge of Spies Film Trailer

Tom Hanks is the main lead and stars as James Donovan, an insurance lawyer who found himself stuck in the frosty depths of the Cold War when he was asked to negotiate the release of U2 spy plane pilot Gary Powers (played Austin Stowell) after the he was gunned down from the skies while on recognisance in Russia.

Mark Rylance, who’s recently been starring in the BBC’s Wolf Hall, stars as Rudolf Abel, a suspected KGB spy who was defended by Donovan in a US courtroom in 1957. Donovan gets entrusted with negotiations with the Soviets to trade over Abel in a swap for Powers. It’s an agreement that causes some tensions in the States, and Donovan, along with his family including wife Mary (played by Amy Ryan), feel the brunt of the protests.

The really interesting thing here is the difference between the UK trailer and the US trailer. In America, there’s plenty “security of your country”, “violating the constitution”, “battle for civilisation” and “what makes us Americans.” Clearly the makers are still playing on the fears of post-Cold War America. In contrast, the UK trailer is far more character based.

It will be interesting to see how the film turns out and whether nationalism is amped up or not. Either way, with Spielberg and a that’s been overhauled by the Coen brothers, we’re sure Bridge of Spies is going to be well worth a watch.

Also co-starring Alan Alda and Sebastian Koch, Bridge of Spies will be out here in the UK on the 6th November. Check out the full trailer below.




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