With the temperatures souring in the UK this week, the air is about to filled with the scent of glowing charcoal as we hit the garden and fire up the BBQ. But if, like us, you love a bit of Cyprus’ favourite salty cheese with your burger, you may soon be disappointed. And that’s because Britain may be about to face a halloumi shortage!

Britain Is Facing a Halloumi Shortage and We're Panicking

According to reports, Cypriot farmers are struggling to keep up with demand as Britain has gone too halloumi crazy over the last few years. This news comes just as Aldi have unveiled specially designed halloumi burger slices and halloumi fries.

EU rules state that halloumi must be made from at least 20% sheep and goat’s milk on the Mediterranean island. But farmers are getting increasing demand from the UK, which is now officially the cheese’s biggest market outside of Cyprus.


The shortage is already said to have affected stock with many people taking to Twitter saying they can’t find a block anywhere.

One of the biggest halloumi producers, Pittas, says it’s sending emergency supplies across Europe by road to shops that don’t want to wait the usual four weeks it takes to arrive by sea. Company director John Pittas told the Daily Mail: “It costs more money to send it that way but Brits love their halloumi.”

We’ll happily front the bill, John. As long as we get our rubbery cheese!




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