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Buffalo Trace Pop Up Bar, Brighton

Pop-up stores and restaurants were all the rage in 2012, will the pop-up bar carry that torch on into 2013? We find out and take a sneak at the new Buffalo Trace Pop Up Bar in Brighton & Hove on the South Coast.

Buffalo Trace was started way back in 1787, and was one of only four distilleries that survived the Prohibition throughout America. The pop-up bar aims to bring back that under the counter, illegal drinking venue that has become so fashionable with recent films such as Lawless and the hit TV show Boardwalk Empire.

The ambiance in the bar is wonderful, located in the upstairs of an existing venue, the place is small, intimate and really has nailed the prohibition look. There are craps tables which adds to the atmosphere and the bar staff are top notch, creating all manner of cocktails but still with Buffalo’s vanilla/honey tones. Even the Buffalo Trace Bottles themselves are worth a mention, they are so beautiful they could nearly be used as decoration! Oh and don’t pat the Buffalo head…

Running until Saturday 9 February, if you are down in Brighton over the coming weeks, make sure you check it out.


Image credited to photographer, including Julia Claxton.



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