Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

Bunkie by 608 Design

Some may think of a pre-fabricated outdoor building as a shed, or at push a summerhouse, but this particular little number is worlds apart from both. The new Bunkie by 608 Design and architectural firm BLDG Workshop is a 1 room, quite cute little cabin.

Now it may seem strange having a single room, but in a world where space is a premium, more and more places may follow this multifunctional type of living space. From a table and chairs, 2 queen size beds (bunk style) or a completely open space everything is stored within the buildings walls.

The Bunkie itself is built like a large piece of furniture, created in a factory environment and then shipped to be constructed onsite. An electronic CNC router is used to cut parts to tight tolerance which then fit together very much like a 3D puzzle.

What do you think? We for one, love it! Check out for more information and to sign up.




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