Last month, Canada made international headlines when the country’s senate passed a bill late legalising recreational marijuana, becoming only the second country in the world to do so. Naturally this has opening a world of possibilities for manufacturers, and it’s just been announced that a company in Toronto is preparing for the legalisation by brewing the world’s first ever cannabis beer!

A Company in Canada Is Brewing the World’s First Cannabis Plant Beer

Yes, Province Brand has been travelling the world meeting breweries to see how to make beer with the cannabis plant once marijuana legalisation has been implemented in Canada.

According to CEO Dooma Wendschuh, when they visited the breweries, “We were told it was impossible.” But after trial and error, Province Brand have developed a process that can create sugar from the cannabis plant. Unlike normal beer which includes only six-carbon sugar, Province Brands will use both six and five-carbon sugar.


While cannabis oil with marijuana oil has been used in beers before, the new beer is thought to be the first ever to use the stalks, stem and roots of the cannabis plant. Not only will this make the beer much stronger in potency, it will also mean far less wastage in the manufacturing process.

The beer itself will have around 6.5mg of THC and the alcohol removed, so you’ll only be dealing with one sort of high. That said, “the beer hits you very quickly, which is not common for a marijuana edible,” according to Wendschuh. The beer will also be much lower in calories than your standard non-alcoholic beer and it will be gluten free too.

But don’t expect the Province Brands cannabis beer to be on the shelves anytime soon. First the company has to wait until at least a year when all the regulations are set for other cannabis products, making October 2019 the earliest the beer will hit shelves.


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