Gingerline’s Chambers of Flavour V3 London Review

Last year, we proclaimed Chambers of Flavour V2.0 as ‘one of the best experiences we’ve had in the capital for quite some time.’ Well, Gingerline are back with a new set of off-the-wall chambers and we headed down to the top secret location in London to see if V3 lived up to its older brothers!

‘What would happen if inter-dimensional instances entwined? If the boundaries between separate realities became blurred, if there was a convergence of culinary continuums?’ These are the pertinent questions asked by Chambers of Flavour V3 as brave diners travel through a set of rooms on a tongue-tangling taste adventure.

Part-theatre piece, part-fine dining, Chambers of Flavour has gained a reputation in London as the place to head for some immersive dining. Now, while we can’t divulge the specifics of the experience as we don’t want to spoil the adventure for any wannabe flavourologists, here’s 10 Spoiler-less Things You Should Know About Chambers of Flavour V3:

1) There are six different ‘Chambers’, each with a different theme and each with a different ‘course’.
2) You’ll receive the secret location on the day.
3) Your ticket to CoF3 does include a welcome drink but other booze will need to be purchased separately.
4) There’s a steampunk-themed bar before you enter the Chambers where you can relax and also pre-order your drink for the journey as there are NO bars located inside the Chambers.
5) You carry said pre-ordered booze around with you for the duration, so we’d recommend you don’t go overboard – you’ll be too preoccupied to drink loads anyway!
6) Getting between Chambers is… interesting, so we’d recommend wearing trousers – especially the Janes.
7) Any dietary requirements are well catered for – you just need to give the Gingerline crew plenty of notice.
8) There is loads of audience participation, so this really isn’t for the shy. We can’t really stress this enough
9) The food is varied and certainly not for picky eaters.
10) If you go in with the right attitude, it’s ridiculously good fun!


The only thing we would add to our spoiler-less review is that CoF’s popularity has presented it with some problems; the main one being the clientele it’s attracted. Many who attend the Chambers have no idea what they’re in for and resist participation, or they’re simply there to get sloshed. Both of these can cause issues when the ‘performance’ is taking place.

This is by no means a criticism of the Gingerline team who put on an incredible show that’s clearly been meticulously designed and planned. It’s just that the whole success of CoF relies on everyone being in on the joke, so our main tip would be to go with a group of friends/colleagues who are up for a good time but don’t need copious amounts of booze to achieve it!

Over 5,000 tickets have already been snapped up for Chambers of Flavour V3 but the Engineers have confirmed they’ll be releasing a brand new batch of passes TODAY (Monday 5th February) at Midday, so get over to the Chambers of Flavour Website ASAP!