We’ve all been there. You’re at a house party, the drinks are flowing and the beats are thumping. Everyone is having a whale of a time. Then your flash mate pulls out the champagne but nobody’s got a gun to fire its bubbly contents out and the night is ruined. Well, don’t get caught out again with the Champagne Gun!

Champagne Gun

Yes, an actual gun specifically made for shooting contents of magnums of Champagne has been created by French company Extra-Night, and they’re being sold in the United States by the so-called ‘King of Sparklers,’ nightclub supplier Jeremy Touitou.

The ‘party weapons’ are said to be ‘completely harmless’ (unless you’re allergic to fermented grapes) and only work with magnum-sized bottles of Champagne… naturally. They come in three different metallic finishes and shoot bubbly between 16ft and 23ft for up to 45secs, until you’re out of juice.

Champagne Gun 3
While the Champagne Gun is obviously fairly useless for regular Joes who tend to save their champers for Christmas, nightclub promoter Touitou told the Miami New Times he hopes “local clubs will want to use them in their VIP sections or perhaps just as decoration behind the bar.”

The Champagne Gun can be reloaded with any brand’s Magnum bottle as long as they’re not special edition. Joes can now get hold of one in either Chrome, Gold or Rose Gold from the Champagne Gun Website where prices start at around £320 ($459). Expensive? Yes. Pointless? Yes. But my word they look fun!

Champagne Gun 2



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