Christmas is nearly upon us and while we implore you to get your presents shopping done as soon as is physically possible, make sure you don’t waste time in getting stocked up for all the booze-filled festivities either!

Get Merry This Christmas: Our Best Festive Beers 2016

The thought of specially brewed festive beer might strike fear into casual drinkers with thoughts of heavily spiced meals in a glass, but there are plenty of concoctions out there for connoisseurs and average Joes alike. With that in mind, below are our favourite Christmas-inspired beers for 2016 that should provide a merry Christmas for one and all indeed!

Woodforde’s Tinsel Toes

Country: UK
Type: Ruby Ale
Alc: 4.4%

The first festive brew on our list comes from our hometown’s very own Woodforde’s. The Norwich-based brewery has brewed Tinsel Toes especially for the festive season. A fusion of roast malts and spicy, and rich fruit characterises this full-flavoured seasonal offering. Tinsel Toes is a smooth and well-balanced beer, which makes it ideal for the casual beer drinker this Christmas.

Christmas Beers 2016 Woodfordes Tinsel Toes

Père Noël

Country: Belgium
Type: Belgian Ale
Alc: 7.0%

For the more initiated of you out there, Père Noël is the perfect beer to relax with on Christmas day – it literally means ‘Father Christmas’ after all! Brewed by Belgian masters Brouwerij De Ranke, this copper-coloured festive beer combines a fine balance of malt and hops, with a refreshing dryness and cellar aroma. Expect citrus and spices.

Christmas Beers 2016 Pere Noel

Hook Norton Twelve Days

Country: UK
Type: Dark Ale
Alc: 5.5%

Another Brit on our list, Hook Norton’s Twelves Days is a dark brown strong beer, finely balanced, with a strong malt and nutty flavour. The hop character is present in the aftertaste, which is dominated by a pleasant sweetness. It been described as ‘Christmas in a bottle’, so it’s probably best enjoyed not too far from a roaring log fire!

Christmas Beers 2016 Hook Norton Twelve Days

Hohenthanner Winterfestbier

Country: Germany
Type: Lager
Alc: 5.8%

It can hard to find a good festive lager this time of year, but fear not – this Hohenthanner Winterfestbier is perfect. Officially described as a ‘Märzen’ (a traditional Bavarian lager), this beer pours clear golden with a white and decent sized head. Packing a sweet and malty aroma, the beer packs notes of honey and caramel, as well as some dryish herbal ones too.

Christmas Beers 2016 Hohenthanner

Hardknott Figgy Pudding

Country: UK
Type: Dark Ale
Alc: 7.0%

Figgy Pudding is a Christmas beer which does basically what is says on the tin. If you like your Christmas beer unapologetically festive, then this sweet dark ale from HardKnott is perfect. It’s the brewery’s first ever Christmas ale and comes infused with cinnamon, ginger and nutmeg, as well as figs, which gives this 7% treat a sweeter taste. Our advice: skip dessert and grab a HardKnott Figgy Pudding instead!

Christmas Beers 2016 Hardknott Figgy Pudding

Hogs Back Advent Ale

Country: UK
Type: Ruby Ale
Alc: 4.4%

For something less sweet and an easier drink, we love this Hogs Back Advent Ale. The ruby beer comes with tasting of dark malts and roasted barley, with a hint of liquorice flavour. A real Winter warmer, ideal for the run up to Christmas.

Christmas Beers 2016 Hogs Back Advent Ale

Ridgeway Reindeer Droppings 4.7

Country: UK
Type: Blond Ale
Alc: 4.7%

Full disclosure, this one gets in purely because of the name! Falling from the sky like little bombs of flavour comes this Reindeer Droppings by Ridgeway Brewery. The golden ale is sweet and bitter with grapefruit-like citrus notes, as well as a little spice. Perfectly drinkable.

Christmas Beers 2016 Reindeer Droppings

Anchor Christmas Ale

Country: USA
Type: Spiced Ale
Alc: 5.5%

All the way from San Francisco, this one is probably the most established beers on our list. So much so, the 2014 brew of Anchor Christmas Ale marked 40 years of the West Coast classic. Brewed to a different recipe every year and only available from November to January, this year’s Christmas Ale is subtly spiced and possesses fruity notes as well as a festive pine aroma. Finished off with a smooth and rich taste, Christmas Ale couldn’t be more perfect.

Christmas Beers 2016 Anchor Ale

Delirium Christmas

Country: Belgium
Type: Dark Ale
Alc: 10.0%

It may feature a pink elephant, but beware Delirium’s Christmas brew is not for the faint-hearted! At 10.0%, this brew has the distinct warming only alcohol can provide alongside its slightly bitter aftertaste. The chestnut/amber coloured beer comes with a fine, white, creamy foam head, while the aroma is complex with caramel malt, fruit, spices and the sweetness of the alcohol. Merry Christmas!

Christmas Beers 2016 Delirium



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