Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:09 pm

Chromeo produce worlds Shortest Album

Chromeo, the ‘well known’ Canadian dance peoples have teamed up with Nokia to create the world’s shortest album to help promote the mobile giants new Own Voice SatNav. The album, entitled drivetime features a mammoth 55 tracks, yet is only 121 seconds long.

As I am sure you can guess the album can be used as a musical pack for Nokia’s Own Voice application. The album it’s self includes well known global hits such as ‘Turn Left’, ‘Observe Speed Limit’ and ‘Safety Camera Ahead’….

Now while we think the release is a little too cheesy for our likings, the own voice app is a rather cool idea and pretty unique. Hopefully we will see some great packs to download in the future, may I suggest a Voice Pack by Borat please? ‘Tuurn Leaft, Yah’

Check out the promo video below, or head on over to Nokia for more information.



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