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Classic Films: Police Academy

A New feature here on AJB where I take you back into the archives to give you a piece of Silver Screen goodness from back in the day, us, ahem, ‘oldies’ will remember these foldly, but you young grasshoppers may never have had the pleasure! First up is a classic piece of 1980s comedy gold and the start of a massive franchise.

Police Academy

Release Date – 23rd March 1984
Gross Revenue – $81,198,894

When Carey Mahoney (Steve Guttenberg) is faced with jail or joining the police, he takes the only real option and signs up to the Police Training Corps (Lets face it, going to jail would make a crap comedy, just look at Porridge…), and thus he is thrown in on his first day of training with a host of other new recruits. Including Gun Mad, Eugene Tackleberry, Gentle Giant, Moses Hightower and the man of 1000 sound effects, Larvell Jones. The film is based around the misfits antics around the academy and their instructors trying to get them to conform. Throughout the film, and indeed the series, Lt. Thaddeus Harris (G.W Bailey) plays the cop who is always trying to get ahead and generally just a pain in the ass.

A film by all accounts should have been a failure which such a crap premise, but the actors seem to bring life to the film and keep you watching. Some of the gags are so cringe worthy, its makes them memorable in a good way. A must watch for any comedy fan, so we suggest you go and track down a copy right now!



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