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Classic Films: Top Gun

Howdy all – I’m back to give you a piece of silver screen goodness that you young’uns may not have seen, but the slightly older generation will remember with great joy. This week is the jet fuelled, slightly homo-erotic man time pleasure. Top Gun!


Top Gun

Release Date — 16th May 1986
Gross Revenuee — $358,816,701

Lt Pete ‘Maverick‘ Mitchell (Tom Cruise), is sent to ‘Top Gun’, the elite flying school designed to train the best very best fighter pilots in the world. The cream of crop battle it out to see who is the best in the US Navy in their number one fighter plane, the F-14A Tomcat. Over 2 hours a whole host of cheesy catchphrases and 80s pop tunes all come firing in your face before you can say ‘I feel the need, the need etc etc’.

This film has everything, action, romance, comedy, and really is a film for everyone. It’s one of the few films that you love, can watch with your missus and still get brownie points. Director Tony Scott begins with a bang, starting with an adrenaline fuelled dogfight between the American F14 Tomcats and the unidentified MiGs 28s, the films continues to include dramatic flight scenes throughout it’s length, and ends on the same high with the good guys overcoming adversity. The relationship between Maverick and his Radar Intercept Officer Nick “Goose” Bradshaw overshadows the ‘actual’ love story element between Maverick & his civilian instructor Charlie Blackwood (played by Kelly McGillis – What happened to her..?). Maverick and Goose’s main rivals are top student LT Tom “Iceman” Kazansky (played brilliantly by Val Kilmer) and his RIO, Ron “Slider” Kerner – who stinks apparently.

The film was a hit at the box office on release and the US Navy had their highest application rates ever during the years following this movie. People obviously wanting to fly upside down whilst flipping another aircraft the bird – they must have missed the bit with the ejector seat…

This is an absolute classic film that should be watched at least once a year, if you haven’t seen it before get out and buy it. If your other half doesn’t fancy it tell her there is a scene where all the men play beach volleyball topless, done deal. You probably also have the best ever karaoke rendition of You’ve lost that loving feeling.

Go and watch it, now!




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