Cliff House

Having a view of the sea from your home is a luxury many of us dream of having but very few of us will ever achieve. Even if you do manage to own your own beach house, we bet your house won’t get a view of the ocean literally on your doorstep. That is, unless you own the Cliff House!

The five storey modular home clings to the side of a cliff in Australia and has stunning view of the Indian Ocean. This conceptual design by Modscape, is a theoretical response to clients who approached Modscape to start exploring design options for extreme parcels of coastal land in Australia. We think they might be onto something here!

The design is stunning and was inspired by the way barnacles cling to the hull of a ship. Hence hanging off the side of a cliff as opposed to sitting on top of it. Modscape visualised the home as a natural extension of the cliff face rather than an addition to the landscape, creating “an absolute connection with the ocean” with water just metres below it.

The architecture involved is extraordinary. As the design itself would make conventional construction near on impossible, the concept utilises Modscape’s modular design and prefabrication technologies to deliver a series of stacked modules that are anchored into the cliff face using engineered steel pins.

The front door of the home is through a car garage on the top floor, where a lift vertically connects the owner through each of the descending living spaces. Internally, the living spaces feature minimalistic furnishings to ensure that the transcendent views of the ocean and the unique spatial experience of the location remain the integral focal point of the design.

We love unique places living spaces like this and hope to see more across the coast of Australia and beyond in the future. As of yet though, this is still a concept and would need owners to take the fiscal plunge (excuse the pun) before we’ll see more.