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CluedUpp’s City-Wide Murder Mystery Game Preview

Ever watched an episode of Sherlock and thought Cumberbatch could hurry a bit? Did you guess the ending of Broadchurch? Think Jonathan Creek is a fraud? Well, put those whodunit skills to the test with CluedUpp, a brand new murder-mystery manhunt game that’s coming to towns and cities across the UK.

CluedUpp Manhunt is a murder-mystery game like no other. Your team of newly promoted detectives are tasked with unravelling witness statements in order to rule-out suspects and murder weapons one-by-one. By the end of the game, you should be left with just 1 suspect and 1 weapon.

Using geo-location technology, the CluedUpp team pick a city and place 15-20 virtual-witnesses around the town centre. Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to track them down using the game’s special event-app and find out who the killer was.

Cluedd Up Manhunt Murder Mystery Game 2

Taking place entirely via a specially designed Android-only phone app, the game will see teams of between 2 and 6 players competing to unveil the mysterious murderer. Essentially it’s a giant real-life game of Cluedo with a bit of Pokémon Go thrown in for good measure!

Having already brought the Manhunt game to Manchester and Birmingham, the CluedUpp team are heading to the likes of Bournemouth, Brighton, Oxford, Portsmouth, Southampton and Norwich later on this year.

CluedUpp’s Manhunt will set you back £35 per group of 4-6. A recent CluedUpp event in Milton Keynes sold out within just 5 days so we’d recommend you head over to the CluedUpp Website ASAP to check out where/when your nearest event is being held.

Cluedd Up Manhunt Murder Mystery Game 3
Cluedd Up Manhunt Murder Mystery Game 4



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