Get your own piece of paradise with the Cocoon Tree, a lightweight, waterproof and sustainable treehouse pod. It looks like a giant bird’s nest and it essentially functions like one too, acting as a living or sleeping space wherever you choose.

Cocoon Tree

The Cocoon Tree is a spherical aluminium structure weighing at just 60kg, which is surprisingly light given its size. Rigged up with ropes and secured by nets, the structure has 12 locking points for both the suspension and for lateral stability.

It can also hold a fair amount of weight with the makers saying it can handle up to a ton. A king sized mattress and a custom made duvet are optional extras which we’d obviously heavily endorse! Perfect for a romantic pad or even a couple with two small children… if you must!

The makers of the Cocoon Tree say Joes can assemble and mount it all on their own in two just hours. But there is also thankfully the option of having it done by a team of experienced climbers if you’re feeling lazy.

The interior is sheltered from the elements by a robust waterproof outer skin and there’s also mosquito screens for the openings. It also niftily has air-con capabilities. But don’t worry Green Joes, the air-conditioning mechanisms can be powered using sun and wind power so it’s nice clean energy.

The Cocoon comes in three different models: The Cocoon Tree is a treehouse, while the Cocoon Beach is an essentially an alternative deck chair and the Cocoon Jungle is coated with synthetic fibre that imitates a classic bamboo-look. All the models can be used a stand-alone, they can be suspended in a tree or even sit on a post driven into the bottom of a lake!

The basic Cocoon Tree pod is priced at around £5,000, with options like the hanging pack and fixing stand adding to the overall cost. Check out the Cocoon Tree Website for more details.




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