CoppaFeel! & Male Cancer Awareness Campaign

Chris O’Dowd features in the new video for CoppaFeel! and Male Cancer Awareness Campaign to promote Male Breast Cancer. The new video shows Chris as health and safety officer at the Topless Female Trampolining World Championships.

We are big fans of Chris O’Dowd and of course we support any charitable campaigns to raise awareness but we are having a hard job seeing any connection between the video and male breast cancer…

Chris O’dowd: “Topless women trampolining is something I’ve always supported, in my youth and even stronger in my adulthood. This important campaign is a collaboration between two cancer charities – Male Cancer Awareness Campaign and CoppaFeel! I am delighted to be able to help out. They are two small charities and its important to support small charities and the work they do. The whole campaign is designed to make men aware that they too can get breast cancer.”

Either way, it has Chris being remotely funny and bunch of ‘YouTubed’ topless women (not really topless) so definitely worth a quick look.