Craft Beers from Around the World

We love beer – that is no real secret is it? Not only do we love beer we love it in pretty much all of it’s forms – from a wonderful session Ale to a hoppy IPA or even just a good old lager for that refreshing tipple during summer. And the rise of the micro-brewery over the past few years means we are very much spoilt for choice no matter what your taste buds are in the mood for. Now the UK and it’s ‘craft beer’ scene is well documented. But what about the rest of the world?

Well, Dealchecker have travelled the world in many forms, so who better to take us on a tour of the very best craft beers from around the world? Come with us on the journey.

Craft Beers – Australasia

When you head ‘down under’ it isn’t all Fosters and Castlemaine XXXX. There are a number of Breweries in both Aus and NZ. Our favourite craft beers are:

  • ‘Doss Blockos Pale Lager’ from East Ninth Brewing Company in Melbourne, Australia
  • ‘Kaiju! Betelgeuse IPA’ from Kaiju! Beer in Victoria, Australia
  • ‘Dead Canary IPA’ from ParrotDog Beer in Wellington, New Zealand
  • ‘Chocolate Coffee Stout’ from Barossa Valley Brewing in Tanunda, Australia
Best Craft Beers of Australia

Craft Beers – Asia

We love a Chang or a Singha, hey we even like Kingfisher. But there are much more to Asian Beers than you will find in our local restaurant. Check out these lovelies:

  • ‘Red Rice Ale’ from Kiuchi Brewery in Naka, Japan
  • ‘Gweilo IPA’ from Gweilo Beer in Hong Kong
  • ‘Standing 8 Pilsner’ from Boxing Cat Brewery in Shanghai, China
  • ‘Seorak Oatmeal Stout’ from Craftworks Taphouse in Seoul, South Korea
Best Craft Beers of Asia

Craft Beers – Africa

Now Africa may not be your first thought when you think of any beer, but doesn’t that give you all the more reason to try one? Castle Lager may be from South Africa but there is much much more on offer:

  • ‘Aces Lager’ from Aces Brew Worx in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • ‘Flying Dodo Blonde’ from Flying Dodo Brewing Company in Moka, Mauritius
  • ‘Temstout’ from Big Five Breweries in Nairobi, Kenya
Craft Beers of Africa

Craft Beers – America

Whilst we don’t agree with everything American, we do love them when it comes to craft brewing and beer. So many cool breweries have popped up, especially in the North and many are outstanding, too many to list in fact! But here are a few we enjoyed:

  • ‘Vanilla Gorilla’ from Red Brick Brewing Company in Georgia, USA
  • ‘Steampunk’ from Noble Rey Brewing Company in Texas, USA
  • ‘Midnight Ryder Black IPA’ from Indeed Brewing Company in Minneapolis, USA
  • ‘Pils’ from Heater Allen Brewing in Oregon, USA
Best Craft Beers of America

Craft Beers – Europe

Well we had to feature some of our amazing tipples didn’t we? Again, far too many to list so if you have a favourite, let us know!

  • ‘The Imperial Black Lager’ from Brutal Brewing – Varby, Sweden
  • ‘SNAB Koning Honing’ from SNAB Bierbrouwers – Purmerend, Netherlands
  • ‘South Face Red IPA’ from Top Out Brewery – Edinburgh, Scotland
  • ‘Wildebeest’ from Wild Beer Company – Somerset, England
Best Craft Beers of Europe

There we have it, a rather small, yet perfectly formed selection of the best craft beers from around the world. We know we have missed literally hundreds, thousands even! So if you have your favourite, share it with us on social media – pictures encouraged. @AverageJoesBlog.

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