Paris-based firm, Town and Concrete have released concept images for a truly remarkable pavilion. Made completely from pink balloons fastened together, the construction forms a gigantic pyramid structure to be transported and used in different settings from galleries to festivals.

Take a Look at This Incredible Pink Balloon Pyramid Pavilion Concept

The Pink Balloon Pyramid Pavilion imagination is led by renowned French architect Cyril Lancelin. Famed for experimenting with the limits of architecture, Lancelin had worked with some of the most influential architects and artists in Paris and Los Angeles before deciding to start his own creative studio in 2016.

Lancelin is notorious for pushing the boundaries of our habitat, with much of his work utilising geometrical shapes to create post-modern usable structures. His recent works have included the likes of a giant green inflatable chapel and an open-air café featuring giant bent-tubing, but nothing can compare with the ambition and the aesthetic of the Pink Balloon Pyramid Pavilion.

Cyril Lancelin Pink Balloon Pyramid Pavilion 2

The incredible renders show the pavilion in all its glory with two cylindrical holes that puncture the walls of the pyramid either side allowing visitors to climb inside. The structure would be made from hundreds of different-sized balloons that will be randomly distributed. This also means that users will be able to bounce along the pyramid.

Cyril Lancelin Pink Balloon Pyramid Pavilion 4

According to Lancelin, ‘the holes are slightly sloped, making it difficult to climb the centre, but it offers a challenge.’ Adding, ‘these openings allow to have a view on the outside from the pyramid and the pyramid also becomes transparent from the outside. It is an experience on matter and form.’

While there’s no official plans to make it happen, we’re hoping the Pink Balloon Pyramid Pavilion becomes a reality one day. Check out more of Town and Concrete’s work over at their Website.

Cyril Lancelin Pink Balloon Pyramid Pavilion 3



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