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In a new feature, our resident sounds guru, Mikey, will be sharing his track of the week for you to go download. So if your music budget is 75p a week, this is the one for you!!

Dan Black

Dan Black

Dan Black – ‘U+ME =’

This week’s iTunes single of the week is a tortured electro pop gem from Parisian resident artist Dan Black.

Off the back of infectious hits such as debut single ‘Alone’ and myspace sensation ‘HYPNTZ’, Dan Black returns to effect our youth an ipods with another piece of beat heavy indie electro pop. Albeit not as in your face as some of Black’s other songs, ‘U+ME =’ is a delicate blend of riveting synths and infectious hooks, which when combined with his outré vocals serves as a perfect example of frothy electro pop.

The Beeb have tipped him to be one of 2009’s big stars an although he arrives at a time where you only have to turn on your radio to hear an electro pop beat; his music remains original in delivery an ultimately relevant. Flying the flag for the Hoxton neon generation, tis much recommended, let me know what you think.

Should be out to download free within the next few days. 6 / 10



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