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Desire Film Review: Jaguar F-TYPE

Desire is a short film put together by Jaguar and Ridley Scott Productions, which launches the brand new Jaguar F-TYPE. For a branded short film, the amount of coverage Desire received was quite surprising to say the least.

However, given its the first time a brand new sports orientated Jaguar is on the big screen, it is hardly surprising. Emmy award winning actor and fellow Brit Damian Lewis (yes, the chap from Homeland) looks to lead the small cast, although in reality its the car that has the best performance by far. With music written and performed by Lana Del Ray, the short film is perfect for Sundance’s hip and insightful audiences where it was launched today, 24 April 2013.

The 13 minute feature sees our leading actor attempting to deliver the brand spanking new Jaguar F-TYPE to its new owner, somewhere out in the Atacama Desert in Chile – not your standard sort of delivery. Things take a turn when he encounters the alluring Shannyn Sossamon (best known for A Knight’s Tale), and from here the action begins. With some good action and a dry, British humour, it becomes quite obvious what the real message Desire is attempting to convey.

This is all about connecting the elements of Jaguar and the F-TYPE, about bringing their sports car history back to life after lying dormant for decades. How does it do this? It reminds us of everything that was great about the E-TYPE, and about who they want to feel the passion and love for their new sporting range that will continue to grow from this point. Jaguar, quintessentially English  has seen its E-TYPE in all manner of movies, driven by British secret agents to your East end gangsters.

Jaguars have always had a sort of ruggedly cool, yet smooth appearance in film and the F-TYPE and Desire look set to revive that once again. The bright and evocative red hue of the car against the arid orange of the desert makes it instantly stand out, and once its there, it almost never leaves the screen. The short film covers the car from almost every conceivable angle without patronising you in the process. It is clearly a powerful car with a beautiful finish, and having seen the F-TYPE in person, we feel the film really does goes some way to do this justice.

Damian Lewis doesn’t have much to do, but what he does, he manages with aplomb. His character could be confused, quite easily, as a combination of James Bond and Statham’s Transporter, however he brings a deal more humour to the feature. The feature is designed to not only show you how cool the new F-TYPE is on screen, as much as it is off screen, but also to tap in to the market that Jaguar believe will be most interested. The younger and more creative generation, rather than the stuffy retired business type in their blazers, who leave their Jaguar sitting all forlorn and stranded in their driveway.

Check out the film in full below.



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