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Desire Film Trailer

A few years ago you would have been forgiven for not knowing the name Damian Lewis, but now, after his starring role in the blockbuster US Drama Homeland, his name is very much household. As such, Jaguar have decided to use him as the face of the new F-TYPE, and their new short film, Desire, which also features the music of Lana Del Rey.

This first peek from producers Ridley Scott Associates, give us the very first Desire Film Trailer. The short film will very much be to push the F-TYPE, and Jaguar have obviously invested heavily in it, with it’s star cast and team. Think of it as a posh version of transporter…

“Be careful when you enter the desert. Not everything is what it seems. The job was a simple one. Deliver the new Jaguar F-TYPE to a wealthy client. But when delivery man (Damian Lewis) pulls up in the desert and runs into a mysterious, young woman, he soon finds he’s not just in the middle of nowhere, he’s in the middle of a whole lot of trouble.”

So go on, check out the Desire Film Trailer below and let us know what you think?



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