Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

D*Haus Transforming D*Table

Inspired by a puzzle concept by Mathematician Henry Dudeney the D*Table was created as a fascinating and inspiring piece of furniture.

The D*Table is is a coffee table that can be broken down and organised into 8 different table shape variants. The principle behind its design is the ability to turn an equilateral triangle into a square by separating the shape into 4 separate parts and rearranging them in a particular way in order to create the alternative shape. With these parts comes the inherent variety, and design appeal.

With each different combination, the hinged table unveils new drawers, storage areas, shelves and surfaces, thus reinventing and renewing your unique piece of furniture with each change.

The D*Haus Transforming D*Table makes furniture into functional, tangible art, and to think the concept behind it lies in mathematics and geometry makes the memories of those torrid lessons at school a little less.. Painful. The versatility means the table can evolve with you, and your need for it, and it is truly ingenious.



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