Dominos Easy Order Pizza Button

We don’t know about you but every time we order a takeaway there’s argument over who will be doing the ordering. Sometimes you just wish it would arrive through telepathy. While that’s obviously impossible – we think so anyway – your favourite pizza provider is about to make things a whole lot easier thanks to the Dominos Easy Order button!

With more than half of its customers now using the app to order, Dominos have got the ordering a pizza business down to a fine art. But we think you’ll all agree that we could all do with cutting out a few wasted seconds on ordering that Texas BBQ. Which is why dominos are introducing a one-click physical button that will get your favourite cheesy weapon of choice delivered straight to your door!

While the Easy Order is a physical button, you will need to pair it up with the app via Bluetooth. Simply save your address and payment details on the Domino’s website or app and choose your regular. Simple!

Dominos Easy Order Button
The button itself is provided by Flic and we’ve seen this type of thing pick up recently with giants like Amazon getting on board with a one-click-stop-shop style button ordering things like shaving foams, toilet roll etc. But this is the first one that will be currently exclusive to the UK and the first one that we reckon could actually be incredibly useful as well as being brilliantly cool – it even comes in a pizza box!

If you want to be one of the first to get hold of a Dominos Easy Order pizza button, you’ll have to enter a competition that’s been running on the Dominos Twitter Page. There’ll also be a second release in February 2016. Our only issue is we doubt it’ll be able to take into account the 50% vouchers that us Joes wouldn’t order a Dominos without!