E.ON Innovation

Energy giants E.ON are currently launching their new crowdsourcing project, E.ON Innovation, in a bid to find the next generation of energy products and services. The project coincides the new Channel 4 series ‘Home of the Future’ which follows a Sheffield based family as their house is turned into a power saving tech gadget heaven!

The E.ON team will also be travelling around the UK setting the public a series of innovative challenges. The current challenge revolves around food and asks: how could you save energy in storing, preparing and cooking food? As you can imagine from such an open topic, it gives people the chance to be pretty creative with their ideas and the best submission will win a home energy makeover worth up to £2,000. Ideas so far have included on ways to use food waste in a more thoughtful way (think compost heap with a difference!) or what about ways to utilise the heat given from an oven / kitchen whilst cooking? It’s all pretty simple stuff.

It’s a pretty new way of thinking for such a large organisation. Basically asking their own customers to think of ideas for them, who knows, they may even find the next big thing to put into their millions behind in their R & D department.

For more information, head over to the www.eon-innovation.com website, keep an eye on twitter for the hashtag #eoninnov or watch the video below.

If it makes people think more about ways to save energy and help the environment then we are all for it.