What’s It Like to Sit Down for Dinner on the Tube?

Living in London you adapt certain rules that are both official and unofficial in regards to tube journeys. We all know stand on the left of the escalators and allow people to get off before you get on. Though the latter is not as common as I’d like… *cut to me throwing a side eye to someone who squeezes on before most have even managed to pick up their bag and make for the exit.*

The more unofficial rules consist of no eye contact and during morning rush hour, regardless how busy, a thick cloud of silence holds each carriage in its grasp. So, when Average Joes were invited to have a dining experience on a reclaimed 1960 Victoria Line carriage, in the East London Pump House Museum by food discovery pioneers, Eatwith, we had thoughts of singular experience – one that would have everyone speaking to only their dining partner in whispers and looking away as soon as even a slight glance is made. Instead, what we found was a shared experience that felt more like dinner with friends than eating with strangers.

Held by Eatwith and magically put together by Columbian chef Beatriz Maldonado Carreño or as she humbly requested to be called, Bea. We were welcomed with a Negroni, and were sipping away, talking to other guests as we got used to the Tube, pop-up surroundings. Then it was time for dinner.


After being seated, we were brought a dish described as variations of Corn, Guasca Crema and Corn Flowers. Conversation was flowing and instinctively we were passing the dishes down family-style while taking in the sights of a new dish being served as it went past. This was followed up by Tiradito de Salmon Nikkei, which for me was the highlight of the show with its light, fresh, citrus taste was balanced well with the salmon.

For the main course we had Aji de Gallina, a Roasted Chicken dish served with Yellow Chilli, Beetroot, Sweet Potato and Pickled Carrots. Proper crunchy, crispy skin combined with soft meat that was heightened by the tartness of pickled carrots.


Now, as good as the food was – and make no mistake it was certainly very good – the experience was all about the interaction. It’s the shared experience that the setting brings and the taking something so run of the mill and turning it into something different all together that Eatwith experiences excel in. We implore you to try the meal created by Bea and soak up the warm atmosphere on an otherwise, historically less than pleasant setting. I’m talking about you, Central Line.

Head over to the Eatwith Website now where you can book a Columbian meal on the Tube for £39.60.


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