While we don’t cover many chairs here at Average Joes, the Elysium is a chair like no other. The result of years of scientific research, meticulous design and medical expertise, the Elysium by DavidHugh Ltd is the only chair in the world where body position can be controlled by hand gesture, giving the illusion of weightlessness.

Elysium Zero-Gravity Chair

DavidHugh Ltd is a design house based in Cambridge. Each of the company’s chairs is individually assembled by hand, using high quality suppliers from the local area. You may not have heard of them, but they’ve recently entered a partnership with high-end audio specialist Bang & Olufsen, so the pedigree is there.

Made from a combination of carbon fibre, milled aluminium mechanisms and stitched leather, every surface of the Elysium chair was designed to make it the most technologically advanced, supportive and luxurious chair ever created.

Elysium Zero-Gravity Chair DavidHugh Ltd 2
The creation of the Elysium began in 2002, when British inventor and furniture designer, Dr David Wickett, set out to create a chair that would simulate weightlessness. To achieve it, he carried out a PhD in bioengineering and from his 10-year research, he wrote an equation defining posture and gravitational force. That equation became Elysium technology.

DavidHugh Ltd say the chair is best described as ‘an extension of the body, where all joints are held in equilibrium.’ As Joes recline they move through a point where the body experiences zero-g, giving a feeling akin to that experienced during floatation therapy which gives support, pressure relief and haptic response.

With this sort of ground-breaking technology and design involved, it’s no great surprise that the DavidHugh Ltd Elysium zero-gravity chair isn’t cheap. There’ll be a launch edition of just 20 Elysiums sold worldwide, each costing a whopping £20,000. Head over to the DavidHugh Ltd Website for more details.

Elysium Zero-Gravity Chair DavidHugh Ltd 4
Elysium Zero-Gravity Chair DavidHugh Ltd 1



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