Update 24/03/2015. The second and full trailer for the everybody’s second favourite Vince (Vaughn is first right?) has landed. Take a look at the second Entourage Film Trailer below. The first trailer has landed for Entourage, the silver screen adaptation of the long-running small screen hit show. On first viewing, it appears to be very much ‘as you were’ for Vince and the gang with boat parties, rubbish one liners and copious amounts of man mischief on offer. None of which we disapprove of.

Entourage Film Trailer

The film sees Vince directing and starring in a new movie that he’s blown the budget on. Big time. Naturally ensues ranting and raving from Ari and some half-baked, if not well intended advice from the rest of the gang.

There’s boatloads of celeb cameos as one would expect including Marky Mark Wahlberg and a glimpse of a fully grown adult version of Haley Joel Osment (the kid from Sixth Sense). We’re betting you can expect more in the way of cameo surprises when the film arrives in our cinemas.

We loved the TV show and see no reason fans of it won’t be loving the film.

Entourage is directed by Doug Ellin and stars Adrien Grenier, Jeremy Piven and Kevin Connolly. It’s due for release in the UK on the 19th June 2015 opening in the States two weeks earlier. Check out the trailer and let us know your thoughts.

Full Entourage Film Trailer

First Entourage Film Trailer




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