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EverBlock Systems

Ever wanted to build household furniture with Lego? Well now you can thanks to EverBlock Systems – the Lego for adults!

EverBlock Systems offers a modular building system of gigantic plastic blocks that can be used to construct of all types of furniture and objects. Just like its little non-blood brother, it’s quick and easy to build nearly anything simply by stacking and organising the EverBlock to however you want it.

You know the score, anything you’ve constructed can be taken apart and re-assembled again if you don’t like the colour scheme or the design, and the pieces can be re-used to build other objects. In essence, EverBlock is actually uniquely green building method.

Whether it’s a coffee table, a storage unit or just a feature, the EverBlock modules nest easily with the parts above and below, creating a stable and durable connection. They also have the added luxury of not needing any tools or glue.

You can get hold of four different types of EverBlock to create your masterpieces – a full sized 12″ block, a 6″ half-sized block, a 3″ one-quarter sized block, and a 12″ finishing cap that all interlock. Connector clips, hanging clips, and reinforcement rods are also available for more structurally demanding applications and metal baseplates and feet can be used for additional stability.

You can rent or buy the EverBlock, and EverBlock Systems also offer design and installation services. They can also consult with Joes on larger scale projects so you can get customised pieces if you need them. As you’d expect, a variety of standard colours are available too.

You can get hold of your EverBlocks through their Website with one 12” x 6” block setting you back around £5. But to be honest, you’re not going to be able to build that shelving unit with just one EverBlock. So you might want to get a pack of 18 for £80. Happy building!




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