Famous Grouse: Make Someone Famous

We are helping as much as we can here at Average Joes. We know the run up to Christmas can be a stressful one, especially when it comes to buying gifts. Yes, you can pretend not to care, but a little bit of thought goes a awful long way in peoples eyes. And here we have a ‘cracker’.

Famous Grouse is one of the most popular and long standing names in whisky, and following on from their Something Famous campaign during the Summer, they have just launched the ‘Make Someone Famous‘ campaign for Christmas. The idea and execution is simple, give your chosen person a bottle of Famous Grouse, but have it bespoke to them. Both in name (you can choose the replacement for ‘Grouse’) and the message on the reverse.

It’s a fun, quirky and at a cost of nothing (after you buy the bottle) a rather reasonable way of sending someone a personalised and quite awesome gift that will seem to be much more special than the time and cost it actually steals from you. All you need to do is head over to makesomeonefamous.com and fill in your message and your details. And for the sum of £21.99 you will be sent your own personalised bottle in a neat presentation pack.

Now, you have 5 days left for a guaranteed print and delivery of your label before Christmas, so get cracking and start thinking of your favourite name and message. Any problems, or want to share yours then just head on over to the Famous Grouse Facebook Page.