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Fancy Dress for Joes Who Hate Dressing Up

With Halloween coming up, it’s inevitable that you’re probably heading to a fancy dress party – or at the very least have been invited to one. For many Joes, this strikes unspeakable fear and will mean they’ll do almost anything to avoid wearing anything that’s not come straight out of their wardrobe. But we’re here to help with some easy fancy dress ideas for Joes who hate dressing up with minimal cost, minimal make-up and minimal hair styling!


One of the easiest and, more importantly, one of the coolest options on our list is a 50s beatnik. All you need is Black trousers, a Black turtle-neck jumper, Black shoes and a Black beret – all of which should be readily available on your local High Street. Add some rimmed glasses, a moustache and some Early Learning Centre bongos if you want to go all out. The only issue you just might need to go looking in the Janes section for the turtle-neck!



Another option which should be readily available from virtually any party shop is a fireman outfit. We like it because you don’t need make-up or any special hair style – all you really need is a toy fireman hat. Janes also seem to particularly enjoy it too – which is always nice!


Breaking Bad

Dressing up as Walter White has become a firm favourite of Joes up and down the country of late and we can see why. The iconic yellow boiler suit from Breaking Bad is our pick of all the options. Not only can you get it pretty much everywhere, you can also wear some comfortable clothes underneath. Minimal effort, cheap and looks pretty bloody awesome!



A classic favourite among students around the UK, dressing up as a golfer usually accompanies downing pints for a hole-in-one. While we can’t condone that sort of fun behaviour… *cough*… we think the golfer look is a corking idea if you’re short of ideas and are on a budget. The only items you might need to buy are a vest jumper – preferably with a pattern – to go over a polo, a White glove and a flat cap. An inflatable club couldn’t hurt either. Easy.


Star Trek

One of the simplest on our list, the Star Trek uniform might require a little bit of foresight but it’s still cheap, effective and incredibly cool. We’ve found the Star Trek top on eBay for around £20 – while that’s not all that cheap, that should be all you need to spend. Just pair it with some Black trouser and Black shoes!


Where’s Wally?

Probably the most effective fancy dress costume in our list is the Where’s Wally. While not the cheapest, you’re certainly going to stand out from the crowd… which ironically defies the object of our fun literary friend. Get some Blue trousers, a Red and White striped top, some rimmed glasses and a Red bobble hat and party the night away!

Of course, if you do want to make a bit more of an effort, there is always a way! Check out our themed James Bond Halloween Costumes!



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