Father’s Day: Don’t Forget!

It’s a date in the diary we all forget, alongside mother’s day, birthday’s and anniversaries. Well, lets face it, we forget most dates in the diary. Consider this a warning that the date is fast closing in on us all. Time to rush out to the nearest card shop and pick up something that’ll satisfy the old man…


If you’re anything like us, you may want a few hints and tips as to what to get him, other than that amusing card that pokes fun at his grey hairs, his tight wallet or his obsession with cars and football. In which case, we have compiled as comprehensive a list for inspiration as is possible:


– razors – get him shaving again

– beard trimmers – if he won’t shave it, at least make him trim it

– hair dye – the grey hairs won’t just magically disappear

– power tools – the classic gift to sit in the shed unused

– socks – standard gift but readily shunned by the recipient

– ties – if he is still wearing them avoid pretty patterns and cartoons, simple is best

– cufflinks – easy gift, but make sure he owns shirts that required them

– an umbrella – this is England, it will get plenty of use after all

– a bottle of whiskey – convince him to share it if you’ve really splashed out

– beer – grab from the service station on the way home

– gadgets – that he can’t understand and refuses to learn how to use

– a bowling ball – its just random enough to confuse him into thinking its great

– a dart board – when he’s drinking he needs a target to throw pointy objects at

– money – tell him to spoil himself, then ask if you can borrow some cash

– books – some people like to read, and if not, books make great kindling

– t-shirts – avoid ones with offensive slogans or images… if possible

– shirts – try and bring the old man into modern day fashion

– pants – lots of older men don’t wear boxers (not that I go round checking)

– vouchers – he’ll give them to the wife most likely since he isn’t much of a shopper

– an experience day – that is likely never to get used

– gardening stuff – a trowel, a spade, hedge cutters, some plants… a chainsaw?

– a mug – another classic that’ll get chucked with the rest you’ve given him each year

– dinner – this would mean spending the evening with him though, are you ready?

– Swiss army knife – a great gift, but he won’t be able to get any tools out of it!

– CDs – since they aren’t quite up on mp3’s, but have moved on from cassettes

– sporting goods – they need the exercise, lets be honest

– golf related stuff – separate to the above as its hardly real exercise

– wine – easy if he is uneducated, costly if a connoisseur… willing to gamble?

– a corkscrew – because the wine you bought needs to be opened somehow

– hip flask – so he can drink everywhere now

– marmite – does he love it or hate it?

– key finder – so he can whistle to find the keys he’s lost… in his pocket

– Viagra – actually, that’s a terrible gift to give your father! Shame on you.

– slippers – tell him he is a feckless layabout these days

– dressing gown – same as above, but can’t even be bothered to dress either

– after shave – Old Spice? Whatever you buy he’s unlikely to wear it

– a satnav – because he never asks for directions

– DVDs – because war documentaries and old football matches never grow old


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