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Festivals: Clean & Hygienic

Mud, sweat, beer and make-up. A great weekend? Probably.

As we head off to Wakestock this weekend, it’s all about keeping clean! No-one wants to be caked in the above for up to 5 days? None of you I hope! If you weren’t at a festival, what would you be doing to make sure you are as clean as a whistle? Having a nice 20 minute, warm shower in your own bathroom, casually towelling yourself afterwards, before planting yourself in front of the mirror to shave, trim and exfoliate (if you so choose). Unfortunately you can’t be doing that out in a field somewhere unless you’ve gone glamping, so here are our best tips for staying clean and keeping good hygiene.

Remember, baby wipes will become your best friend!



Festivals do have showers. I know. I’ve been there. I’ve used them. However this is no longer the intimate and relaxing affair you experience in the comfort of your own home. Its more like a cross between a communal shower at a leisure centre and prison showers: constantly surrounded by men with no idea if someone, at any point, is likely to do something you don’t want (fond memories of uni-sex showers at V a few years ago – Joe)! Of course, this is just mild paranoia, and its perfectly fine to shower there, although not everybody is confident in doing so and its rarely going to be hot.

There are also paid showers at a lot of festivals – for a small fee you can enjoy a nice warm shower and cubicle for a set period of time. If you aren’t comfortable showering with all the other exhibitionists then I would recommend this option.

You can also take your own shower with you. For around £5 you can pick up specialised black bag that you fill with water, hang in the sun, then open the valve and enjoy washing in the cascade of warm(ish) water. Sound good? Well, you’ll only ever achieve mildly warm water, you are limited to 5 gallons and you need to find somewhere to hang this. If you have a giant tent and a bucket, then you have all the privacy you want, otherwise you’ll be looking for a tree somewhere, and as you might get arrested for flashing, it may be worse than the communal shower?!

Avoiding the Showers

It is entirely possible to remain clean through the festival without going to the shower. Want to wash your hair? No problem, its quite easy to find dry shampoo which you spray on. It isn’t that bad either. In fact, its just as easy to get a hold of a full range of products for going water-free for your festivals: body wash, bathing wipes, baths and conditioners. If you are planning on avoiding those showers or have those paranoid tendencies then this is the route I recommend you take.


Its not all about cleaning your body – every part of you should be taken care of, regardless! So what about those other bits and bobs? When it comes to cleaning your teeth, you can easily get by with your tooth brush – so take that! Definitely take that. Think about all the drinking, eating and craziness you’ll be taking part in over the time you’re there – your poor mouth needs to be attended to regularly. I’d also recommend some of the fancy chewing gum that cleans your teeth, like fuzzy brushes, that you find at airports, or even the ‘professional’ range by Orbit.


Hand sanitizer – this is a must, as washing your hands is easy to forget before and after eating, or whatever it is you are getting up to.

A towel – always take a towel. You never know when you need it. Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy was right!

Deodorant and colognes – definitely take that. It’ll be needed to mask the odours that are building, regardless of the efforts you’ve made to be clean.

Toilets – you’ll want your own toilet roll, trust me on that. You may even want to consider taking a sh*tbox. Or invest in a portable toilet that uses refillable bags to dispose of your disposal. yes you might look a bit of a d*ck, but you will be the one winning!

Condoms – in case you pull that hot woman you saw casually grinding away in the middle of the 20,000 strong crowd, then you’ll want to suit up and be safe. Failing that, you might want a posh…

A bucket – you’ll want water for washing, brushing your teeth or cleaning anything you’ve used to eat/drink from.

– plasters? possibly. Pain killers? Almost definitely. Immodium? Absolutely! Why take the risk eh?

Sunscreen – in the unlikely event its sunny, you won’t want to be burnt from day one.

Tissues – often handy, often forgotten

There we have it, our lovely guide to keep clean at this years festivals.

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