Such is Britain’s thirst for craft beer that a once endangered species, the specialist off-licence, is now enjoying somewhat of a revival. Where pubs have classically been a hub of beer, it’s great to see bottle shops such as these taking more active role in making themselves a part of the community, and actively working with local and international breweries. But where should you buy yours? Here are five of our favourites…

Five of the Best Craft Bottle Shops in the UK

Clapton Craft, London

This trendy east London craft beer shop in Clapton puts an emphasis on growlers, refillable bottles popular among keg beer enthusiasts. The Clapton Craft shop also stocks a range of craft beers by the bottle, supplied by brewers within the Hackney borough and beyond, including Beavertown, Brixton Brewery and Camden Pale Ale.


House of Trembling Madness, York

From the bottom it looks like just another beer shop. But go upstairs and the whole atmosphere changes into wonderfully rustic medieval bar. There’s a great selection of beers and they range vastly in % – perfect for all beer lovers.


Beermoth, Manchester

Since beer specialist Beermoth opened the doors it’s gone from strength to strength. The shop itself is a homely mix of exposed brick, white cube shelves lined with beers and hops lining the ceiling. It’s a welcoming, confident and more refined than your average offie style shop.


Bison Craft Crafthouse, Brighton

Just a stone’s through from the beach sits Bison Beer, a bright and bustling bottle shop opened by two Uni mates with a passion for beer. A brilliant selection of unusual and craft beers all ready for your consumption in their temperature controlled fridges. They’ve got over 365 different craft beers in stock – not to mention the amazing assortment of growlers on tap.


Beer Shop, St. Albans and Hitchin

The aptly named Beer Shop is a trendy independent retailer of craft, traditional and foreign bottled beer with shops and tasting rooms based in the historic city of St Albans and another in the vibrant market town of Hitchin in Hertfordshire. The friendly and knowledgeable staff will help you find the perfect beer for your tastebuds.




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