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Fizzics Beer Dispenser

As we’ve spoken about a few times before, beer bought from the local offy never quite hits the spot quite like a pint at the pub. For many, including us, it’s not just because of the ambience of a pub but because of the cheap cans and bottles that our booze come in. But that could all be about to change with the Fizzics beer dispenser!

The new device essentially turns cheap supermarket cans into premium poured craft ale. Or so we hope. Fizzics looks like a coffee machine and is a device that sits on your worktop and uses high-frequency sound waves and oscillation to create a perfect head on your pint.

Fizzics fits in standard bottles or cans, and works by inserting a tube is into your beer and closing the top of the machine to let it work its magic. Think ‘alcoholic Sodastream’ and you won’t be far off!

Once the beer is pressurised and oscillated and ready to pour, you simply pour your pint into a glass using the tap on the top of the machine. Very much like a barrel pump. You pull the pump forward to pour and backwards to create the head using sound waves.

The makers of Fizzics say that the resulting head should last a lot longer than the one that comes from just pouring out the beer into a glass as the device produces smaller bubbles.

“Fizzics was engineered for your five senses and delivers visually appealing head, wonderful aromatic bouquet, and sensual liquid and foam mouthfeel making for an authentic, true representation of an expertly poured pint,” says Fizzics.

The Fizzics pump will set you back around £130 when it hits retail, but it’s currently being sold on Indiegogo so you can grab it for £80 if you’re quick. With 24 days left, the Fizzics has already made its goal of $50,000.




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