We’re firm believers here at Average Joes that scenes of natural beauty should be honoured with similarly stunning pieces of architecture. Well, Swiss-based architects Evolution Home have given a mesmerising view of Lake Zurich exactly that with a glass home dubbed ‘Flexhouse’.

‘Flexhouse’ by Evolution Home

Flexhouse is a one-of-a-kind open plan home which complements the property’s incredible 180-degree view of the Lake and its surrounding mountains. With its wide walls of glass and a ribbon-like White façade, this abode offers space and light in equal measures, making it one of our favourite pieces of architecture we’ve come across this yet so far.

The Flexhouse project began when architect Stefan Camenzind spotted a vacant block of land on the banks of Lake Zurich. Work began in 2014 and was completely only a few months ago. On the ground floor of this four storey 173 sq. metre palace, you’ll find the open plan living room, complete with dining room and decked-out kitchen.

Flexhouse Evolution Home Zurich 2
Upstairs on the first floor, you’ll find two bedrooms each with bathrooms, while the top floor offers a studio and two large terraces, which offer breath-taking, sun-drenched views over the Lake. Other amenities such as the garage and the laundry room are found on the lower level basement.

The use of glass in the Flexhouse offers unbroken views and reams of natural light no matter what time of day or where you are in the home. Décor is on the minimalist side to say the least with the curved White walls taking the focus in pretty much all the rooms.

Flexhouse Evolution Home Zurich 6
Being a new build, it’s also no surprise that a load energy-efficient gismos have been added, such as the thermally-activated concrete floors that can be heated or cooled thanks to in-built geothermal heat pumps.

For more info on Evolutions Home’s Lake Zurich Flexhouse, head over to the Evolution Home Website.

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