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Flight Club Darts Bar

If darts hadn’t become cool enough in recent years, it’s set to be the focus of a trendy new bar in Shoreditch. The vibrant new bar just off Finsbury Square is the first of its kind and will introduce the world to ‘social darts’.

Flight Club is looking to blow apart the classic pub game of darts and reassembled it using some nifty state-of-the-art technology and exciting new game-play. There’s no need to swat up on your maths as the board counts the scores for you using real-time, animated scoring and a slick touch screen interface.

Groups of Joes and Janes can book out their own oche where they’ll be crowded around the dartboard battling it out to be victorious, irrespective of ability or experience. The bar itself is designed by the award-winning creatives at Russell Sage Studios, best known for Dishoom and The Savoy.

We went down to the launch and had an absolute ball. Flight Club does pretty much what it says on the tin with good booze and plenty of social darts, which you could translate to ‘swanky darts.’ Take it from us, you don’t need to be any good to head down either!

If you just fancy a trying out somewhere new irrespective of the darts, Flight Club works just as well as a cool bar too with some classic cocktails on offer, as well as some great sharing dishes. The music is loud and there’s generally a great vibe around the place.

Flight Club is located on the corner of the City and the edge of Shoreditch at Worship Street. If you’re going with a group, we’d recommend you get booking at the Flight Club Website.




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