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Floating Sauna

Summer isn’t far away and thoughts of lazy days around the oceans and lakes have begun. Following the growing trend of architects building on water rather than land, Seattle-based studio goCstudio have created a floating wooden sauna so Joes can take a cold plunge after warming up in the sweatbox.

The Floating Sauna was inspired by the Scandinavian tradition of saunas as a place for gathering, and is intended to be used by locals to the Seattle lakes all year round. It can accommodate up to six Joes and is officially titled the ‘WA Sauna’, which derives from the abbreviation for Washington State.

The project was originally funded on Kickstarter back in 2014 and raised £17,000 ($25,000) for the project. The WA Sauna takes up a total of 240 square feet (22 square metres), reaches heights of 14 feet (four metres) and weighs approximately 2,040 kilograms.

The main deck on the Floating Sauna is made from an aluminium frame and marine-grade plywood with a clear varnish. Powered by a 36-volt electric trolling motor, around twenty five 208-litre plastic drums are used to actually keep the thing afloat and stable.

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The side is clad with a semi-transparent ebony stained treated plywood and the windows contain clear acrylic panels. goCstudio have used spruce in the interior to form the walls and benches in the sauna. Naturally, a proper wood-burning stove is located in the sauna to heat the space.

If Joes don’t fancy just diving off the float, there’s a door and a side hatch for an easy exit, and boats, canoes and kayaks can also be tied up to the deck without too much hassle.

The Floating Sauna isn’t currently being sold commercially but if you’re ever in the Seattle area, it’s usually moored at Lake Union for public use. Head over to the goCstudio Website for contact details if you’re interested in a commission.

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