We’ve all heard about 3D printing, and if we’re honest, we’re probably getting a little anaesthetised to it. Most of the products produced are basic and offer very little else other than a bit of novelty. But what about 3D printed food? Well, you’re about to find out with the Food Ink. 3D food pop-up restaurant, which is all set to go on a world tour at the end of July!

Food Ink. 3D Printed Food Pop Up Restaurant

The Food Ink. restaurant is the collective brainchild of companies Food Ink, 3D Samba and Dutch 3D printer makers byFlow. The restaurant is set to be the first ever eatery which serves up a full-course meal made entirely out of 3D printed food. And don’t think this is basic mash potato or pasta, we’re talking gourmet Michelin style food.

Instead of glass, metal and plastic, the byFlow printer can print edible materials like chocolate, meat, cheese, pizza dough and even hummus, among other tasty ingredients. In order to print the food, the byFlow first needs edible ingredients to be made must into a paste. The paste is then put into a syringe-like container which acts a bit like your ink cartridge. From there, thousands of tiny layers are built up to create a 3D object (or dish in this case).

Food Inc 3D Printing Food Restaurant 2
Just like regular 3D printing, the blueprints for the dish first needs to be designed on 3D modelling software and then loaded into the printer. Dishes on the Food Inc. menu include a not-so-humble Fish and Chips, Caesar’s Flower of Life, Air Caviar, Steak TARTRIS, Love Bites, Mystic Prawns, and something called 3D Boscana.

The Food Ink. pop-up restaurant is about to embark on a world tour where it’ll hit cities such as Dubai, Paris, Las Vegas and Berlin, as well as stopping here in London for three days starting on Monday 25th July. Head over to the Food Ink. Website for more details on the byFlow and their events. Oh, and if Food Inc. read this, we’d love an invite! ;)

Food Inc 3D Printing Food Restaurant 3
Food Inc 3D Printing Food Restaurant 4



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